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How to post a picture on this board

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The picture needs to be loaded on the web some where first, you can not load a picture from your hard drive on this board.
There are a lot of free picture hosting sites out there but most of them will not let you link a picture on a message board :( You can upload your pictures from your computer here and then link them to this site. This is a FREE service provided by Honda Direct Line :D

After you have your picture on the web some where, right click on the picture and select "Properties"

Highlight the picture url and then select "Copy"

Now your ready to post a picture here. :D Click on the "Img" box

and then right click next to the and select "Paste"
That will paste the url to your picture next to the [Img]
Now you want to close the "Tag" click on the "Img" box again to close the "tag"
If you did it right it should look something like this.

and then your picture would show up like this :D

Remember you can go back and edit your own post if you didn't get it right the first time. Hope this helps. :D
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trouple with photos

I can't get my photos uploaded from my computer. I registered successfully at, but I cannot find a "browse" button or other mechanism to get into my hardrive to my photos. It tells me my album is empty, which I know. How do I get back to my hardrive to do the upload? I understand the cut and paste of links via properties after my photos are uploaded. Thanks in advance. Larry.
Answered my won question and found a new one

OK, I couldn't upload because I had not checked my email and followed the link to activate my account. Now I have tried to upload photos but it keeps telling me the ffile size is too large. How do I address this issue? The photo were taken with my digital camera - do I have tell the camera to shoot lower resolution photos or am I climbing up the wrong tree here? Thanks again for you help. I trying to get the new board figured out. Sorry I'm toe 'tupid! Larry.
don't give up Chuck and Larry. there is a limit on the size of the image. i can't remember what it is...but it should tell you somewhere in the info when you are trying to upload. Usually only small to medium size pics can be uploaded. Pics taken with higher resolution probably will be too large to upload. a few of mine taken with high resolution gave me errors as too large. But all the 'normal' size (like 640x480 i THINK is the default on most cameras...but somebody chime in and correct me...) photos have uploaded no problem.

try uploading another, smaller photo. Or try resizing the one you have. But due to storage limitations, the board won't let you store large, high resolution pics. Mellow or Lamont can comment more on this in detail.

BUT DON'T GIVE UP. As you can see from all the posts.... MANY PEOPLE are having no problem posting photos. You just have to get used to the new procedure. Once you do, it will cake for you... Just for kicks and grins, i copied the banner at the top and used the "img" button to "post it" down here in my message. Easy..........

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Update - still bad news

Here's my latest: I have 2.0 megapixel camera, which is not particularly high resolution, really just a stand camera in that respect. The camera can be adjusted to shoot photos in three different levels of resolution. High res. are in the 750bk zone, mid res. are about 350kb and low res. is in the 180kb zone. Even my LOW resolution photos cannot be posted on the free photo hosting site because the error message indicates the file size limit is 150kb.

It would appear that I cannot post photos without buying another camera.

The part I find confusing is that my camera is a common 2 megapixel model. Does this mean that many other folks with similar 2 mp cameras also will not be able to post photos? The "members" list shows 137 members. The photo album section shows only 17 who have posted a photo. This suggest to me that many others cannot post photos. What do you guys think? far as only 17 posting photos...the number is much higher. SOme don't put them in the 'album'...but put them in the photo post section (i have several photos there that would NOT post in the album area...said they were too big.) or in the 'general' gallery area. Also, in addition to some having photos ONLY in photo post area (which you won't know they have them there, unless you go check each and every member)....some have photos on other servers on the web. Finally, some don't care about posting photos....they just aren't interested!

And....some, still haven't figured out how to do it :oops: Hey, all i have is an OLD standard Sony digital camera....several years old...middle of the line model. if i take 'standard' 640x480 pics....they post just fine. But if i take pics with any of the higher resolutions it will allow, they will NOT post fine. I'd find it hard to believe your camera can't take pics that would work here? I'm not saying that is NOT the case...just saying i find it highly unlikely.

So far, there are only a hand full of folks complaining of having problems. You seem to be in the minority. Granted, there are limitations...but they are reasonable. And again, you can post slightly higher resolution photos on the photo post board...or at least i have ( Hooters girl post...which FAILED to upload on the 'album' section...but posted just fine on photo post). can also post to other servers on the web that don't have limits if one wants to/has the permissions.

Even Chuck is posting pictures :!: :!: :!:
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just to show you how easy it is....i JUST NOW....went out and added one more photo to my album....i just picked one at random....from ANY of the pics i have in the 'standard' 640x480 format....and now i "paste" it here.

It's just that simple. I don't know what else to tell you!

I call it "three Valks, one old, two new". But ....notice it is NOT as big as the post i made of the Hooters girl. For that one, i went and edited a pic i had...kept trying to upload it to the photo post section...and finally, after a couple of resizes...i got it to upload. But notice it is BIGGER than this little one from my album area................
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Having troubles

As you can see I am getting two photos but I have tried to put the pic like everyone else where it just shows the small pic on the left, but I have tried by going under my profile and doing a copy and past to the signature box, but thats not working! Help!
having trouble

Hi :)

I have a 3 1/2 year old kodak / 3.1 pix camera - not too high-tech or new but the smallest I have croped my Rune pics is 3878 KB and that leaves out all background. I have a nice shot from the day I brought my Rune home & its 6766 KBs.

I don't like to give up & know the pics I've seen on the BBR site have captured more background than the 2 pics I've tried to post on the BBR. I have an account and understand how to put a pic on the BBR site but figure there's a way to get some shots on there without having to crop mine down to a close shot of the seat's stitching. Any ideas?

Help! :?

NH Bill
Instead of "cropping" the pics try the "resize picture", most picture viewer programs have one under the Edit features
Good Luck
for Chaseman...if you can't get the Avatar pic to work (little pic on left side of your posts)....just send Lamont, the site Admin....the picture you want for your Avatar and your nickname in a private message or an email.....and he can do it for you!

Don't give up buddy.............

Thanks John! Skibum :)

That's the clue I needed ..."resize" ... "under edit". Now that's the way ya do it.

On to the Avatar.

It was almost 40 today! Wada ride!! :wink: Maybe again next weekend?

Picture this

This is my pic.


It was a cold December day but with only 200 miles on my bike I went out for a spin. Glad I bought the full face! Now, if I can only get a CD/Radio from Santa.


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Avatar size

The avatar needs to be AT THE MOST 140 pixels wide. More than that, it will not work. Resize to 140 pixels wide or less and it will work just fine. - Nate
or...i'll chop it down....if i find one too big 8) :twisted: :wink:
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