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"To paint or not to paint".

  • I prefer the uniqueness of custom paint.

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  • Not me, it is distracting.

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I’m just curious.

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For those of you who have had customized paintings don’t get your tail feathers in an uproar, I’m just curious.

I admire the craftsmanship of custom paint, I can understand how that makes each bike unique and sets yours apart from another; but for me I prefer mine plane.

I am just wondering how others feel about custom paint jobs.

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few cruisers remain stock

As I look at the wide spectrum of "cruiser" owners and their bikes it seems that very few choose to have their bike remain entirely stock. The brisk after-market sales receipts speaks to this trend. I see custom paint as just one of the vast array of indiviudal touches that are available - and I like 'em all. Regarding paint specifically; I've seen extensive paint jobs I liked and some I could live without, as well as some bikes that were beautiful with just a few tastefully done pin stripes. I enjoy reflecting on what those choices tell me about the owner. I really feel like, for all of us, our bikes are somehow an extension of who we pointed out one time that I can be "opinionated", maybe the hard edged metalic knife blade flames on my bike are more than just a coincidence.
I just had mine painted by Chris Cruz in Deland Florida

I will post some pics later tonight I took a very subtle approach ck them out later
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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