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Some of you may recall I traded my forward set handle bars for some unknown “Surprise Present.” to be selected by my
trading partner in Warsaw Poland.
I only suggested I had an interest in World War II memorabilia and I would leave it up to him.

Well here is my Suprise Present

I couldn’t be more pleased, thank you Dariusz.

On the outside chance the photo of the Nazi Iron Cross offends anyone I want to make it very clear
my delight with it is solely for its historical significance. I in no way condone what it once stood for.

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Its Not All Bad

The Iron Cross once stood for valor and honor and was later made villainous by Hitler. I had family that were killed in the Death Camps of WWII Germany but I nor my family hold the symbol of the Iron Cross as evil or despicable. It is the intent of the holder of the cross that needs to be examined not the art itself.

I found the following history of the Iron Cross at this website ... ssmain.htm

It was a nice and thoughtful gift and that is how you should appreciate it.
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