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I like my Rune ....

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After reading some of the BS about values / problems .... here's my 2-cents.

I bought a Rune for many reasons, and the bike has more than measured up to them all.

Over all style -- Awesome / One of a Kind / Cruiser ..... not a clone of a V-Twin --- not trying to be HD.

Fit and Finish --- Better than any other "mass produced" bike... a few items needed to be finished off ... but the guys at Ultimate Machining took care of them. It took less to get the Rune to "Show Level" than my SEI2 did and it was a 30k bike.

Ride / Handling - With the low CG because of the F6 the Rune has a feel of a much lighter bike in the low speed stuff.. its size / weight / trailing link front end / and rear Pro Link make it feel like ........ a locomotive on the highway.

Performance - While it is true the bike is not the fastest on the road .... I love the sound / feeling of the F6... if I want speed I'll ride one of my Busa's.

Solo Seat - If I wanted a 2-up bike...I would have bought a GW.... Alone on a good road watching the blacktop get eatten up by the headlight, listening to the purr of the engine, smelling the fresh air, and seeing the view ..... 2nd favorite thing to do.

Value - I did not buy the bike as a investment... Real Estate / Stock / Bonds can be investments --- motor vehicles are not . I am not real happy about dealers discounting their left overs... but they have been doing it for years. As far as holding it's value... mines not for sale... so what does it matter.

Again this is just my 2-cents.... but I do have a few bikes to compare it to.
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...make it four cents


I couldn't agree with you more. As soon as the complainers realize that motor vehicles, on the whole, are horrible investments, they will see their Rune for what it is; a great piece of machinery that takes your breath away just sitting there parked. Nothing I have ever bought ellicits the same kind of emotion from me as my Rune does. We were all grown ups when we signed our contracts to pay for the thing. Those who paid more at the begining had the benefit of being first. Those who are buying them now for less are rewarded for missing out for two years of riding this kick-ass bike. In the end, we are all equal. Well, except for those with Blue Runes, who have a small advantage over the others. :wink:
My 3.8 cents worth

The Rune (including mine) is the best bike I've ever owned for the single rider. It's quick, strong, acceptable mileage. It gets the "looks" "raves" "respect" a bike of this type should get.

I bought mine because to me it's a work of art. Beauty with grace. Proven engine, great design, superior concepts. However, ya'll know my story.
I for one have had over the years all kinds of bikes,50 or so,the RUNE, IS the state of its
After riding my 99 valk for 4+ years the Rune was the next bike for me.
When the GW came out with the FI1800 lots of valk riders were screaming at honda "Build us a valk with the 1800!". They did, the VALKYRIE Rune!
Lots of valk riders myself included saw the MSRP and winced, but when I saw one in person and sat on it, that frown turned upside down! I now consider my Rune the crowning jewel of my motorcycling life! :D
I kept the 99 because it's a great bike and is setup for two-up long distance. I've been ridin street bikes for almost 30yrs and with this pair of bikes I feel completely happy and satisfied with my choice of bikes.
Motorcycles are one of my passions in life and I get excited EVERY time
I walk towards my garage just knowing those two badass machines are waiting for me! :D
Ditto, Ditto Ditto Ditto, Ditto, etc, etc, etc. I can add more but you've already said all of how I feel about the RUNE.
Ride Safe and Happy,
Rich K ( Rune Ski ) :D
Love My Rune

Everywhere I go, the same questions, people stop in the middle of a turn and yell, "What is that?" Other's follow for miles, or speed up to run beside you just to get a look...That is, what it's about!!!

But I still look for 6th gear when I forget to count!! Ha!!


PS. 4,000 miles in less than 4 month old..and still loving it.. :p
What's not to like?

I like your Rune too Dave.
I’d like it even better if it were Black!
I Can agree with you more

Isn't it great to know that in this day and age that we have the technology and the know how to create something this beautiful? I fell in LOVE two months ago when I saw a Rune in the dealership for the first time. Since then I haven't stopped working on getting one. Today I own a fantastic Blue one and don't have a single regret. Is the bike a lot of money? Sure it is. But then, aren't all of the most exotic machines. The things this bike gets and gives in return for your dough are priceless.
It's nice to know that I live in a day and age where a person has the right to make a free choice to live out one's dreams.

Congrats, just keep it out of the lake!!!
Spent many a summer there when I was just a pup ( early 50's )

I love my Black Rune!
(6th gear is in your right arm's wrist....! ) Ken 9,400 miles
Somebody pinch Me!

I went for a Ride on the Rune Yesterday on some nice Mountain roads by myself and was able to just let the Rune do its thing without watching formation or keeping a steady pace with others.
I am continuously surprised by the way the rune handles brakes and smoothly accelerates in the back roads like no other Motorcycle I ridden before.
If coming into a turn hot and need to do a little braking the Rune just stays in the turn without straightening up and going outside it just feels like its on rails!
Also love the Smooth rate of speed it accelerates around traffic almost dream like.
I'm just so pleased with My Rune The design and engineering of such an awesome Motorcycle!
Still Smiling!
Anytime I look over that glorious headlight. I smile.

and when the ride is over, I always find myself turning back to look at my Rune,

and smile again.

You have to experience it to believe it, and if you experience it and don't believe it then get a life.
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