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I Picked up my Rune yesterday.....

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...I imported it into the UK myself. I had to go to the airport terminal to collect it. When I took it out of the crate the whole of the baggage handling dept came to a standstill. The instant crowd was only dispersed when a somewhat vexed manager told everyone to get back to work. But too late, the word had got out, someone had told the office staff upstairs about an amazin bike on the premises and I had another instant crowd.
It took me over two hours to get the bike loaded. I felt like a movie star for god's sake.
I'd bought the bike just on the strength of what I could learn from pics and articles ( no Runes to be seen in the UK). I'd studied pictures of the Rune from every angle but that still hadn't prepared me for just how glorious the Rune is in the flesh.
As fate would have it I also test drove a Rocket 3 that day. It's a great bike but in terms of quality the Rune is light years ahead. I had a deposit on an R3 but eventually deceided to go for a Rune. When I finally saw the Rune any doubts about my decision instantly dissappeared; the bike's just awesome!
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Congrats Steve!...

thanks for the great story! :lol:

welcome in european rune owners

Ciao from Italy,

happy to learn you get a Rune in UK. last year j had been inofrmed from a NY dealer that he already sold a Rune to UK but no more news.

in 2005 there will be a walkiria meeting in UK j hope you will with us. please register yourself in VVCR to get information.

j loaded my rune from Ohio on a flight and at the italian custom the same story of you. heheheh

Hi Hannibal. Are you talking about the 2005 VRCC Euro meet to be held in the UK. If you are, then I'm on the commitee ( Valk owner since '97) so I'll definatly be there. Last years' meet was a big success. It would be great to have some Runes represented there for 05.
This year I'll be touring Europe and going to the Austrian VRCC meet on the Rune with the VRCC-UK group. We've arranged to meet up with the VRCC-Italy group - Sil, Mario etc. They will be taking us around the Italian Lakes, will you be in that group by any chance.
Steve C,

Welcome to the world of "Rune Riding" ... they never stop drawing a crowd ..... send / message your info and I'll add you to the VIN list.
Steve C.
Good luck with your prized possession. You got the name right. I got a New Jersey tag on my Blk.Cherry, chrome pkg. rune, AWSM-6. Both AWSOM and AWSUM were taken.
Rich K. ( Rune Ski )
Long live the Queen!

Steve C:

Congratulations from a Yankee Englishmen and a Rune bloke to boot!

Your experience, at the air port, will reoccur every time you stop at a pub. For me it has gotten to the point that when I approach my Rune in a parking lot, and there is a crowd gathered, I hold back until they disperse. Sometimes I get weary of the same questions over and over again.
A bunch of folks sez my Rune is a chick-magnet. Well, I'm still waiting. While I wait, I have to constantly wipe the HarleyD Riders drool off the tank and rear fender :lol: Ken (9,300 miles and 10,000 smiles)
Thanks for the offical welcome guys. This board has already been a great help to me and I'm sure that will continue. Sorry to say it guys but you've helped rune my life.

Hi Steve,
yes j am talking about that. J still have problems for registering my rune but j hope to be in austria. happy to meet you there or in italy.
J am in contact with Sill so it will be easy to meet you.
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