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Ignition Keys - spares or replacements

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Yesterday I picked up two key blanks and placed an order for the ignition programming cable required to add the keys to my Rune's electronic list.
I will keep you all posted on my progress.

There are two different keys: when you point the key away from you they either have the "knife edge" facing left or right.

The cute Rune Logo comes separate in 2 halves, with peel-off stickies to attach them to the key.

You dont EVER want to be totally without keys. If you have one key, you can always reprogram the system to add 3 more. There is no "total limit". You can keep losing one or two and get new ones. Each time you start the reprogram it deletes all the key codes from the database and you have to reprogram them all.

Ken (too damn cold this morning to even think about riding in this morning 19degrees.... geez, that is NJ or Michigan weather!)
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Hi Ken,
tks for the news, j am waiting for your report.

Can anyone outline the complete process for getting duplicate keys? There seems to be a variety of information in the posts on this board, but I can't find a description of the complete process. I went to my local Honda dealer today, and they had no clue. The parts guy, after searching his service records, talking to his service department, and finally calling someone at Honda, told me that there's nothing special about the keys; one just has to get a blank and have a locksmith grind a new one. I told him (I can't believe I knew more than my Honda dealer!) about the HISS system, and that keys have to be registered with the security system, that the manual claimed a maximum of four keys per system, etc. etc. No luck; all he could do is order me a blank for $40.00 and another $10.00 for the logo.

I'd sure appreciate some info from someone who's actually had new keys made. The book indicates that all I need to do is bring in my existing keys and the bike to a dealer. Apparently not around here.
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The key blanks are $25. There are two kinds. When you point the key away from you, the difference is which side the 'knife edge' is facing.

I bought the harness that you need to program the keys. It cost $50. I will make it available after I do my keys. Going to Kuwait interrupted my key project.

If you want, I can get the keys for you. Just let me know which way the knife edge points, and send me $30 per key via paypal. Champion Honda in North Charleston has their act together with this.

I will sell the programming harness for $40 after I am done.

The cute Rune logo comes in two pieces, separate from the key. You have to peel and stick the logo on the key blank. I showed this to RedValk, but his eyes rolled back and he slobbered just a bit. Because he thinks he will never run out of keys I suspect :wink:

New Keys

Ken... My dealer has had 2 new keys for me (one of the originals was bent when I got it) since last July but are dumbfounded as to how to program them. I told them after reading in the owners manual (last July)that they needed "something" to program the keys... My fear is that I bring the bike in to have the key programmed and ...not knowing for sure what to do... they muck up the ignition (or the keys) and I have to call one of my kids to drive me home while they wait for a technician from Marysville to fly in to reprogram my keys... It's been a sort of out of sight out of mind thing so I haven't pushed the issue but if I loose my good key, I am down to a bent one that might snap off at any time. So what EXACTLY do they need to do???? or do I need to do to program the keys.. I reminded them 2 weeks ago when I got my bike back from the TB replacement that I want them to get whatever they need to get to program the keys... I am a bit nervous if it will require reprograming of the 2 I already have. Help!!
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And Ken you are right...My dealer is charging $25 for the key...the bent one will be replaced free. A dealer charging $40 is doing a real rip job...
The part number for the programming cable that you need to add new ignition keys into your Rune is

It has a little connector on one end, and a red & black battery alligator clip on the other end
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