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I'm back after Ivan...

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Tim, glad to hear you came through it ok and got a Rune ride in! Brad
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Glad you came thru in good shape...Sorry for those who didn't... I must confess my first thought when you posted during the storm was "geez I hope his Rune doesn't get damaged".... I am so shallow...
survival kit

Hi Florida people.
Hope damages where not much.
Just heard from TV one more storm is arriving. good luck.

We do not have so strong storms in north italy. anyway many years back a dear friend of mine reached the seaside and found his boad down 5 meters water in the harbour.
He come back and found the bike and a car in the garage down two meters water

should be available a boat survivalk kit for the Rune???

Glad you are OK

Very happy to hear you made it through with damage that can be handled without bringing in expensive work crews. Stay safe and dry.
Here they come again!

This afternoon I received a call from a new client, who happens to be from Jersey City, NJ.

Site Data is assisting him with the development of two properties he recently purchased here in South Florida.
The purpose of his call was to get an up date on his projects in light of Jeanne, the new hurricane threatening the southeast. When I told him this was not a positive sign, he said, “does this happen every year down there”?

Well…………. no it doesn’t.

I’ve lived here in Palm Beach more than twenty-five years and this is the first year I’ve experienced anything like this.
Up until now we’ve not had enough wind to blow out a candle.
Twelve years ago Andrew struck about 125 miles south of here, and that was a disaster in every sense of the word. At that time Palm Beach experienced a pleasant midsummer breeze.

This year not a square foot of Florida was spared some affect. However, I would never consider leaving. All in all I can’t think of a place I’d rather live. Too, our esteemed Governor is the son of a former United States President and the brother of the soon to be former President. I will however have to admit that the residents of New Jersey beat us out when it comes to bragging rights about esteemed Governors.
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