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i'm getting pounded by Ivan!

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Hang in there brother! My thoughts and prayers are with ya! Brad
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Well, if you feel like a twister is gonna suck you up, make sure to sit on your Rune. If you're going on a ride, you might as well be on the Rune!

Seriously, batten down the hatches and good luck.
You can borrow my chainsaw.

Two necessities after Frances......electricity will never be taken for granted again.
And if you need to get the Testosterone flowing, but the Streets are blocking you from ridin' up the Chainsaw, and start clean up.
I sure feel sorry for you guys in that part of the world. When I lived in Oklahoma the tornados were horrible so I settled for great weather and few minor earth quakes.
Move out to this part of the world and ride 330 days per year.


Hi Tim...I'm with you brother!

Our Gulf Shores Condo is probably damaged, but can't get any real news as to what extent!

Now in Wedowee......very windy, rainy, and have had several electricity glitches.....generator is on standby waiting to fire up....

Fortunately, able to access internet via satellite most of time today.

Good luck!!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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