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i'm still giving careful thought to having a Rune Rally...

2516 Views 5 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  Cyclops year. Not sure what month. i'd like to get some feedback on preferred months....preferred locations, etc.

but right now, i'd be leaning toward doing the Rally somewhere with killer roads, decent weather (not too hot...not too cold). Some place with some attractions nearby for riders to go to. Right now, right off the top of my head, Ashville, NC comes to mind. This has killer roads, decent weather in the summer and late spring and early fall. Lots of local 'tourist' like attractions. I know the area somewhat. It is 'close' enough i could go on an advance 'scouting' trip to put together a dinner at a restaurant, strike a deal with a hotel, map some good roads, etc.

but i'm just brainstorming here, thinking out loud. We'd deconflict with any other major rally dates where ever and whenever we hold the rally. we'd try to bring in a few vendors....maybe Direct line (he has a store VERY near Ashville)...some of our vendors on the board here...i could probably fly out a vendor friend of mine in the industry using some of my frequent flyer miles ( i did that at my Cheaha rally in bama this last spring). we'd have a group dinner, a possible group ride. i would try to get some sponsors, and probabaly have a social of some kind for free the first night...with free drink and maybe a cookout or some snacks. Probably have some free door prizes. it would probably be just a weekend or three day event.

i know geographically, it would probably be far better if we could hold something in the center of the country? anyway, i'm just thinking out loud. Help me out here. if there's interest, we'll do this. i can put quite a bit of this together. And i'll solicit some help from YOU guys.

so talk to me. Brain storm with me. But it has to be something we can do logistically. the first one may be kind of small .....but we can 'grow it'.

so....dates....places...ideas.....YOUR thoughts?
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A Rune rally is a great idea!

I was in the Asheville area just this past weekend and I also agree that it has all of the necessary elements for a great rally except maybe it's location could be more centralized. In past years I attended the Hoot in Asheville several times before it was moved to Knoxville and found the events and area were excellent. I know several bikers that liked that event much better when it was hosted by Asheville.

An alternate you may choose to investigate is the Tunica Casino Area in northern MS. They have most of the necessary elements including low hotel rates, a centralized location and attractions both in Tunica and Memphis. I don't think that the roads are the great motorcycle roads as you would find in NC but it's location might draw a larger group of Runers.

I would probably attend no matter the location if ample time were allowed so that I could coordinate my business schedule.

Let's hear from others.
Sounds good to me Ashville would be good, but possibly too far East to attract the maximum number of riders. Arkansas is more central and has some great roads, and of course there is always Colorado-Silverton. I`ll be there regardless unless you choose Alaska-did that-never again. Sounds like you are ready to put some time and effort into this and i`m sure we will all appreciate it. Frank Black cherry with matching single wheel trailer at Inzane. Sorry i couldn`t stick around a little longer, was headed east that afternoon.
It's a big country. And there are more years than one. Sooo, someday, we can do it here in South Carolina, and ride out to the islands. I will go where ever the site is chosen to be! Could we rent the Daytona track to have a Rune race? :roll:
Right now....i'm REALLY leaning towards doing it in Ashville. Anyone who has been there....knows why! it's killer motorcycle riding country (I mean that great riding...NOT like someone running over you :? ). It has great roads, great attractions, lots of nearby things like Grandfather Mountain, Chimney Rock, etc. It has a major vendor and sponsor of this board nearby (Hal from Direct Line has a store in NC within 25 miles or so of Ashville). Lamont is nearby in East TN, and therefore, could probably make it if we schedule it appropriately. i've been there and know the area. it's close for me to go scout out and logistically plan things (under 450 miles from my house). The list goes on.......

Granted, it's NOT centrally located. But...then again, in the past...both Honda for the Hoot and the VRCC for InZane did some research on demographics...and it was found that far more dense populations of bikers (and probably just plain old people too) are found in the Eastern part of the US. That's why they always hold the Hoot in the East (Ashville...then Knoxville more recently)....InZane has been in Zanesville, OH (that's how it got its name!) and now Paducha, KY. While Arkansas and Mississippi might have a more central location, i don't think either has the killer roads....and both would be harder for ME to logistically plan it out. So if I'm doing most of the leg work....i have to make this work to my advantage. Plus, with Ashville, i can call on Hal to support us. if i move it away from his makes for a 'whole different ballgame'.

but nothing is set yet.....just giving you my INITIAL thoughts. But I do plan on bringing my trailer....loaded down with grill and supplies to try and make this a fun event. i don't want to be toting that stuff too far around the country side :wink:

Frank, it sure was good to see you. that trailer looked pretty cool behind that Rune. you were one of 9 members from this board i saw and talked to at InZane. So far, that's the largest gathering of "Runers" from this board I have seen. but i'm hoping a Rune "Rally" will easily top that!
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i got nothing against NC but please give some consideration to making it a bit more centrally located. If its great roads you are interested in. try CO and if you take a quick glance at the US map... you will notice its a lot more centrally located. See my post on the general board under the "homecoming" thread... re: ski resorts in the summer... After just finishing up a 6,450 mile round trip ride to OH and KY, i'm not real anxious to tackle NC in the middle of summer. Lots of runes out our way.. CA has lots of them..
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