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Installation guide for the K&N adapter

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Thanks for the purchase of the K&N air filter adapter. here is a guide on doing the install.

1 remove gas tank, remove all bolts from tank and ground strap ,you can pivot the tank clock wise and let it rest as seen in the picture DO NOT REMOVE FUEL LINES

2 remove top of air box, remove the vacum line conected to the top air box valve and plug it with the silver plug in the kit, next remove the air temp sensor and put it to the side for now, remove the rubber mount from the sensor and install it on the top half of the adapter.

3 Install the adapter, you will find 5 smaller screws use these to fasten the bottom half, you will see 5 chamfered holes in the lower half of the adapter use these mounting holes. Very important!! once installed all the heads of the screws should be flush with the top of the lower part. Next put your K&N air filter in the lower part and then install the top half and secure with the remaining 4 screws. Don't forget your sensor

To finish the install just reinstall your tank, and you are done .
If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.
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