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Installed Dakota Digital Tachometer

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Got my Dacota Digital Tach yesterday, and installed it this morning(4hrs).
Install on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 5, not very hard. Works great :D , its the only thing mechanically I thought the bike needed. I had to 'bend' :shock: their mounting bracket and drill 2 holes in the bottom of the handle bar clamp.

I took 2 BIG pics to show what it looks like:

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Looks Good!

Looks Good Now go put some miles on that thing! LOL.
Question: There were some post from members that were having problems wiring a tac into the Rune.
They apparently were unable to get a tac signal from the Runs coils.
Were you able to wire your tac into the factory wiring and get a signal for your tac?
Tac Signal Found

I was the first to install a tac, Dakota Digital in fact, and worked with the vendor to make a signal counter. I believe their instructions include some photo's I took to make the install work. You can contact Tim in Technical Support 605-332-6513
Jeff where did you drill

I mounted my tac on the windshield, gives me a heads up display. I liked the way you mounted your, does it hide the Odo reset and dash light dimmer button?
So you were the guy who helped them.

I drilled just in front of the reset and dimmer buttons, so getting to them is not a problem, and bent the back mounting plate flat. The part number for the Rune adapter is SGI-14, anyone tryin this install will need this. The guy in sales named Scott seemed to know his stuff, but I would imagine anyone in a small company would need to know everything about their products. The tach number is HLY-5021. I didn't see any posts with tachs, so I put up mine. You need to connect the adapter box to the PULSE GENERATOR for it to work properly. Maybe that was causing the problems.
Yea Yea I know I know, go get some miles on that thing.... wish I had better weather, and time...
digital tach

Congradulations :)
I have been waiting for just what you have done. Your tach looks great
and the best thing is it works.
Question- what was the price of the tach. and the rune adapter :?:

Is this set up a self install project or should I go to the Honda dealer :roll:
Could you please post pictures of how you routed the wires :shock: 8)
thanks again for sharing this good news :lol:
The Batman
See Wiring Photos

I just uploaded my photos of the wiring run for the Dakota Tach. They are in my album, so just click on the link at the left side of this post.

Its a straight forward install.

The tach has 3 wires; power on, tach input, ground.

The adapter box has 4 wires; 2 for power and ground from Battery, 1 from the Ignition Generator and 1 to the tach input wire.

1. You need a 12V Ignition-On source, I used a wire (can't remember the color) off the no. 5 coil under the front of the tank.
2. Need a power source and ground (battery) for the adapter box, this wire is not long enough from Dakota Digital so just splice an 12"-15" onto the end going to the battery.
3. You need to tap into the Ignition Generator (can't remember the color of the wire) which connects to the adapter box.

I've recreated this install instruction from memory so please make sure you understand the basic principle of the install and verify you have the correct wires and harnesses to tap into.

Hope this helps.
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In my install

I used a piggy back fuse harness to connect it to the power source.
Pep Boys sells them, I think its called a 'add a circuit' it in the fuse section.
The wire you need to connect to is off the Pulse generator, and it is plain yellow (NOT Yellow with a white stripe).
On the left side of the bike, there are 2 connectors that are red, its the one that is further 'in' towards the middle of the bike is the one you want. I used the ground bolt in the front for the ground its under the Speedo.
tach install


Just small #10 stainless screws w/ lock washers,

PS if you only live in philly, im right next to Cherry Hill if you want to come and look at it.
Dakota Digital Tach

I went and bought me a Dakota Digital Tach for my Rune.:capwin:
Also had to purchase the SGI-14 adapter to convert the Rune's signal.
Thanks to Grizzly Bear Dan's instructions for wiring his Barons Tach with the only difference being the Dakota only had 3 wires.
I zip tied the SGI-14 under the speedometer housing to keep it away from any heat.
The wires from the SGI-14 are plenty long.
I sodered all connections and used liquid electrical tape to cover or goop the connections.
The switched connection at the data connector will only have power with the kill switch set so the bike will start.
I did not know that and at first could not figure out why I had no power to my volt meter from the data connector.
I mounted the tach under the chrome idiot light housing above the speedometer.
The tach came with a back that had an extension with 2 holes for mounting.
I cut the extension completely off the back of the tach, then made an L-bracket out of SS .030 shim.
I then drilled 4 offset holes(2 in each surface) in the L-bracket and bolted the bracket to the back of the tach.
Removed the chrome idiot light housing which will require removing the bars.
Centered the L-bracket on the housing and marked my holes.
Drilled 2 holes in the bottom of the housing and tapped the holes for 2 10/32 SS screws.
Tach works great and the numbers do not jump around as much as you think they would.
Very pricey though at $382 for every thing including shipping.
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Dakota Digital Tach

Yes, that is true that this info was posted before.
Finding that info is another matter.
Doing a search through the posts on Dakota Digital Tach I could find links that took me to a home page for example and then the directions that were supposed to be there were not there.
I am glad that you're(GBD's)directions were there for me to follow step by step otherwise I would have never have attempted this mod.
Thanks accepted or not, I appreciate the info you give GBD.
You are truly what makes an informative board such as this work as well as it does.:bow1:
Do you mean like this? I did this back in 2007.

With the help of a good friend (John Klimbach) who owns Cycle to Cycle motorcycle products, I've just completed installing a Dakota Digital HLY-1027 tach in my handle bar. This is not a project for the novice. Without John's help, he is an engineer, I could not have completed it. It works great, looks OEM.

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