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Well, this is really weird. I was going to a local BBQ place for lunch today and as I was dismounting the Rune when a 1998 Black Valk pulls up. The guys says nice Valk you're riding. I say thanks. We go into the BBQ place and start talking and I ask him if he is aware of the upcoming Valk ride to Yosemite this weekend; he tells me he's the organizer of the ride. Well if that doesn't blow me away he starts talking about all of his riding and we get to the subject of forums. He tells me he knows Lamont, VegasShawn, Hal and a few other names I know from this board. So he gives me his website address so I can sign up for the NorCal Valk Riders Cruiser Club.

Well, it turns out his name is Bryce and his handle is ValkMan. I'm sure some of you will know him. Its just to small a world out there, and you do meet the nicest people on a Honda.
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