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When should we hold a Rune Rally in Ashville, NC?

  • This September. I don't want to wait any longer! Let's ROLL!!!

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  • The end of August next year. This September is just too close to accomodate!

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  • Next September works for me.

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  • Maybe we can come up with another date somehow???

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it's looking like the first Rune Rally will be in Ashville

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There are a lot of reasons why...i have named some of them here before. Logistics, great attractions, good roads, Sponsor nearby, etc. We can try to have another rally put together by another of our members more out West some time in the future. But i'm going to press on with planning the first one for Ashville. I have Direct Line on board as a sponsor, and one of their shops is just some 25 miles or so from Ashville.

I plan on blocking off a bunch of rooms at a hotel that i will scout out on an advance 'scouting trip' (yet ONE MORE reason i'm going to plan on having this at Ashville). i'll let you know the hotel when i get those details.

We'll have a friday night social session
around the hotel pool...i'll probably bring a grill and cook up some hot dogs or burgers or something
(assuming i either get a little money from the sponsor(s)....or by passing the hat ...or i'll figure out something!). This first social session will give us a chance to kick tires, compare bikes, get to know each other
etc. We'll also have some door prizes
to give away either friday or saturday night. We'll have a group ride
on Saturday on the Blue Ridge Parkway. And dinner
at a restaurant saturday night (again, i have to go to Ashville and work this out).

So, given the above "plan/agenda" ....indicate to me in the poll when would be best to have this event. i'd sort of like to do it THIS September....but that doesn't give me much time to plan! if we wait and hold it next year, we still need to deconflict with other major events. Some months look to already be out. Early spring and late fall are probably out due to iffy weather. So that limits us to May-September. May already has Cheaha, Helen, Myrtle Beach and BBR rallies. June has the Hoot and Americade. July has InZane and Homecoming. August has Sturgis. I'm thinking if we wait till next year, it will have to be the end of August or September. So take the poll, and IF YOU PLAN ON COMING, indicate your preference.

I sure would hate to have to wait till NEXT August/September....but maybe we'll have to? And having something in September....sure doesn't give me much time to plan it...nor you guys much time to work it into your schedule. And PLEASE, no 'flames' on locations. As long as i'm putting this together, for now, Ashville is the best location i can logictically make this happenf for MANY reasons. it's a good location, too.....
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I'm only about 3 hours from Asheville and will volunteer to help. I was there recently and did some ridding in the area. A good place to have lunch on the parkway is to the NW at Little Switzerland. Being less than 40 miles from Asheville it may be a place you will want to investigate staying. You pass Mt. Mitchell on the way, the highest point east of the MS river. There are many good restaurants in the Asheville downtown historical area for dinners. I do not recommend the Ramada Plaza Hotel where we stayed but there are many hotels to choose from.

Let's ride!

My mistake, I also rode East or NE from Asheville. The parkway is much higher and more interesting to the East compared to going west.

As for Little Switzerland I have stayed there and eaten there many times. It is a good place to hold a rally as you are in the mountains right off the Parkway and only a short ride from Asheville. Night life would depend on going into Asheville.

Another consideration would be Harrah's Casino in Cherokee which is close to Asheville. Harrah's Hotel is new and comfortable and there are surrounding motels that are more modestly priced. Cherokee is where the Parkway begins and also an entrance to the Great Smoky Mtn National Park. Gatlinburg is a great ride to the North from Cherokee across the Park. There are great motorcycle roads everywhere in these areas.

My weekends are free in Aug. and Sept. except 08/21/04 and 09/11/04.
BBR had a great time in Maggie Valley and there is a bunch of hotels and great riding there plus the Wheels Through Time museum is a must see.

Isn't that where the Hoot used to be? Too far for my California butt to ride. Have a great time.
Those of us that live on the left Coast and Western part of the world should have one on this side such as Yosemite or where ever.

I figure one of you guys out West will just have to put something together out in that neck of the woods for you guys. i just can't do that and make it from Alabama. I go to a Rally a month...sometimes two a month. So i have to pick and chose what i go to.

I pretty much make most of the rallies out here in the East....but very few out West. I sure do understand you guys (and gals) out West having the same problem making stuff out here in the East...just like we have the same problem making stuff out in your neck of the woods. I know that feeling too well...just TOO DANG FAR to go!

I can put the things on out here in the East...and one of you out in the West will have to do something for your part of the woods. I put on a couple of Rallies a i have some experience putting these things on. Knowing that, i know how important it is for me to pick a place close enough i can make scouting runs to.....and work out logistically. i'll be trailering supplies to the in order to keep my gas cost reasonable (the truck SUCKS gas when trailering the bikes and all the supplies for the rally!)...i have to pick a place a reasonable distance away for me. Plus, i have a major sponsor lined up for Ashville just 20-25 miles away.

So who's going to step up and put something together for you Western folks? All i ask is plan it not to conflict with the East coast thing....just in case there are a few die hards who will try to go coast to coast!
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so's looking like there may not be enough interest to do a rally this year. i don't want to go to the time and trouble of putting it together...if there are just a handfull of us. If we don't get some more repsonses, we'll just plan on doing it NEXT September.

That would be kind of a have to wait over a year to do this. But would give ample time for planning :wink:

and that gives all those guys waiting on those 05s with all those 'new features' ample time to get their bikes 8) Yea.....right :roll:
I would be :eat1: meet anyway, as long as the Friday isnt the 19th of September.....
Perhaps you can tone down the fluff to a simplified rendevouz :capwin:
Ken (12,230 miles + K&N + org rear tire + new scratch on R.engine guard & muffler)
i was thinking about doing that...

...maybe we'll just have a little weekend get together anyway? I can still block off some rooms....still get Direct Line to sponsor....i'm sure some of us will go. i thought about doing it labor day weekend.

Maybe i should poll those that want to go....on what weekend is best? i know the weekend of 23-25 Septemeber is OUT. labor day weekend would give folks more time for travel :biker: . that is 3-6 September.

i wonder..........
(about 7500 miles, original tires, knock offs on BOTH bikes, pivot arm covers on order, NO SCRATCHES .....even on Sherry's after $3105 in replacement parts :oops: )
The Westerners

I would propose using the California Valkyrie riders Yosemite ride as our forum for the Western get together, this past year we had 2 Runes and 2 Rune owners at the rally and they were the center of attention.
that would be ok i guess. Of course, we had 9 Rune owners from this board at InZane...and we were the center of attention...and likewise others went to Honda Hoot and Honda Homecoming....and were no doubt centers of attention there too.

but my intention least for the rally in to be for RUNES ONLY. just us Rune family (yes....IF in the unlikely event there ever was a distinctive 05 model...even those folks would be invited :mrgreen: ) invited. i'll invite Lamont too....since he is 'master' of this board. a few sponsors. But otherwise, strictly a Rune affair.

Where as going to another event and 'piggybacking' on it....won't be quite the same. in ashville, we'll have a Rune ride :biker: , a Rune group dinner :eat1: , prizes SPECIFICALLY for the Rune owner :money1: ....etc. we'll talk 'Rune shop'....admire each others Runes. And boy, the heads we'll turn when we all go for a ride together!!!!!!!!!!

of course i'll still go to InZane :yes: ...maybe the Hoot (if enough of YOU go and talk me into it....i don't like the venue at Knoxville)....etc. But that won't be the same. Oh, i won't go to the Homecoming :no1: unless one of two things happens: 1) they come out with a new Valk....which in that case, we're moving the InZane back somewhere nearby Marysville most likely....or....2) i get so old that i trade my Rune for a Goldwing :oops: :p Or if there is some other compelling reason to be in that same area at the same time. the Homecoming...after going three times (in conjunction with the old InZane)....just doesn't get it for me. Too boring :excited:
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