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it's my birthday TODAY....and look what i got for the Runes

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Mamma bought me a new LA Wheelchock by Baxley Trailers. i'm gonna' use it when i do routine maintenance like oil changes....and for washing and waxing to have the bike sitting up straight. i've been wanting one of these for a while...she got it for me yesterday for my birthday. Funny, i went to a local HARLEY shop to buy that was the only local dealer that had one! Don't tell anyone i was in the Harley shop and ACTUALLY BOUGHT SOMETHING :oops:

These things are made by a company just down the road from me in Dothan. In fact, this photo is from there web site.

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Another day older and deeper in debt!

Happy Birthday Tim.

I like the Wheelchock and can’t wait for mine to arrive. Remind Ms. Sherri my birthday is Feb. 24th
Happy Birthday Tim,

mine is a day before yours :)!

...probably means my Rune is just a bit faster than yours, lol.
Hey thats great! just saw one of those at my local dealer (University Honda) in downtown Seattle!... now i want one with mod so that the wheel will spin for easy cleaning! .. oh well... Happy Birthday!
Not ironic. You should have typed: how iRunic! Cmon guys, every chance you get to get a Rune in edgewise or wordwise, do it!!! :wink:
Yesterday, in the Harley Shop in North Charleston I bought a cigarette case, a pair of fingerless gloves, a helmet, and PanOptix sunglasses, all branded with Harley on them. Drool: yet again -- the Harley folks on the Special Olympics Mystery Pantie Run yesterday drooled all over my Rune. The Rune definitely does not have the stigma that that wacko said about rice burners. Ken 8,200 miles
Happy B-day RedValk, I have had one for several months now. I first bought the trailer chock. Be very careful loading the Rune because the front fender is low enough to get caught on the chock as it rolls over center. I know because it happened to mine and kinked the fender requiring some rework and paint. I then purchased the Sport chock and it works perfect and I don't have to worry about the clearance. Stay Cool, Ed
Ed.....i find that VERY interesting about the clearance.

that was one of my concerns....but i've had my wife watch closely as i've put it on and off several times....and she says it's close....but that because the mechanism is already closing about the tire (on the bottom), it will not hit. i've put it on and off several times now...with no problems.

Do you think it could have been that MAYBE you had yours set to a different setting than i do (i have the width set for the 150 front tire, or position 3...and the depth for 2). Perhaps if you had the depth set for something more...or less (positions 1 or 3) maybe it could make a difference on clearance? definitely having the width set wrong could be an issue, of course.

What do you think? i'd like to talk to you on the phone and compare notes...
i just talked to Baxley company

....they said if you had your LA Wheelchock set to position number three for depth, it is very possible that COULD cause some fender damage. (the manual says DO NOT put the chock to position three for depth unless you have a 21 inch diameter tire! Ours is ony 18"). They recommend position number two (in the middle) for depth. The bike should be stable...but yet not too hard to take back off the chock when positioned correctly.

One of the main folks at the company is Dennis Watson. I talked to him today....really nice fella'. He said to call him direct if you have ANY questions or concerns (334-791-7602). I'm adding a link on the vendor area to their product.
I had the opportunity to buy a LA Sport Chock from one of my riding buddies who used it once and it DOES work great. Half price didn't hurt either. Clears the front fender by over an inch yet stable as can be. I spoke to Dennis Watson @ Baxley Trailers the manufacturer of the LA Chock and he described that the chock would either work, or not won't and it would be obvious. He was right, the Rune rolled right in and locked into position.

I was hoping to get a lift adapter for my Pittbull Lift, but have about given up on that happening. The chock will work great for most light maintence and cleaning.
same reason here Richard. I gave up on getting an adaptor for my lift. i know some guys have made some things out of wood.....but i was hoping to have a real 'factory' adaptor. Instead, i got the LA Wheelchock. Granted, you couldn't change tires or things like that, but i don't do that kind of stuff anyway!

Dennis at Baxley is first class guy. We're trying to get him to come to the InZane as a vendor. One of the conditions is that i let him put my bike (and the wife's Rune too) in one of his Wheelchocks part of the time as a display. Any time i'm working (i'm on the staff for the event) or just hanging around the hotel i'm gonna' let him use the bike for display. so any folks going to the InZane can see how well the Rune fits in the wheelchock first hand......
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