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Just back from China...some notes and thank-you's

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Billet Chromed Reservoir Covers "present" from Hal and Direct line greets me when I get home. Double cool!!! looks great! Thanks Hal!! I'll be ordering more Rune stuff from you to be sure.

Thanks to Tim for being patient, and excusing my mental lapse before I left. (He knows what I mean).'ll be on its way. Promise.

Also thanks to LaMonster for doing my avatar for this list.

Notes: No one here has anything on any of the scooter and small motorcycle riders/taxi-bikes of Guangzhou, China especially during rush hours. They are either the bravest or most insane riders on the planet...literally inches away from buses, mini-package trucks, cars and walk-in-the-middle-of the street at any time pedestrians...lane changes, braking, high and low speed maneuvering that makes the sphincter pucker!

and excuse this political note...For all her points both good and bad...The United States is a country to be proud of and cherished. I am humbled having been away again from her, and glad to be home again.

and most importantly...My daughter Sky is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
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