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this year. 22-24 April on top of Cheaha mountain in central Alabama. I have booked a block of rooms on the mountaintop and reserved a pavillion. i have also secured a possible DJ...working on getting a band....have the group ride planned volunteers lined up....etc. Now i'm starting on getting prizes and sponsors.

bottom line, mark your calendars for 22 April. We'd love to see a bunch of you up there for the festivities!

go to this link for more info ... cheaha.rtf

Swamp Rat
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How lucky can you get?


I am having my prolific schedule researched by a consortium of specialists to determine my availability as
a prospective participant in the forthcoming Cheaha Mountain RuneRider festivities.

As my attendance will surely be the high point of merriment, and to avoid any unpleasantness all participants should
be instructed not to talk in the receiving line.
The reception line is to be headed by Black Rune owners, followed by Illusion Blue and then Black Cherry owners.
RuneRiders from New Jersey are to remain in the parking lot.
I will however not be imposing my customary formal attire requirement.

As a bonus, in the event of inclement weather I have arranged for a cauldron of molten tar and four
goose down pillows to be used on the jamboree’s organizer as a jolly finality to the jauntiness.
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