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I am trying to layout the logo that is on the key. Two things, one i need to know if the lines across his face are a shadow or a mask. Two i need to know if anybody know where i could find a better and bigger picture. Thank you
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It's shadow on his face, not a mask. I have two pics of the logo I used for my hats, I'll send them to your bellsouth e-mail address. Brad
Key Logo

I couldn't help noticing that you have referred to the image as if it is male. In fact, unless somebody from Honda has said it is in fact a male image, it's a female face. That's because the Valkyries are female according to Norse legend/mythology. They are not quite godesses, handmaidens to the god Odin. Their task is to seek out those who shall be slain in battle - they then take the fallen to Valhalla, to stay there with Odin until the final Battle of the Universe, where they will fight by Odin's side.
Valkyries are also known as "Choosers of the Slain".
They are not Norse warriors, despite the ads Honda shows of the Rune (with warriors in the background etc).
So you see, all of us Valkyrie riders (in my case an Interstate and a Rune) are riding machines named after Norse mythology deities that choose who is to die!
Not a good choice of name in my humble opinion, but you learn to live with it!
Tom, It's a shadow and it's a dude! If ya look at the key real close
he's got a mustache. I know because I used the logo on my hats.
Spectre, my 99 valks license plate is ODINS1. Hey, valkyries are hot chicks!
Key Logo

Hello Hogslayer

Well I can tell by your plate that you know the legends well.
But as for that image on the key, I'll lay odds that it is in fact a female face (in other words the Valkyrie herself!) - the chin is pointed like a females, and if you look VERY, VERY closely, that "moustache" is actually her upper lip (note the bifurcation on the upper part of it - that's what you see on any persons lip).
As for that shadow, I am not sure on that, but it might be part of the horned and winged helment (at least the part over the left eye - some helmets used to have extra parts for shields for the eyes, sometimes asymmetric (only one side)).
I plan to make a crest (large) of that image for the back of my jacket and some T-shirts , plus a couple of small decals for the Rune itself.
In the end though it doesn't really matter - lots of guys refer to their Valks as "Dragon Bikes" and other things. I guess it's what you make of it for your own enjoyment.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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