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Kisan SignalMinder Info

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The turn indicator on the handle bar clamp is very dim and is very hard to see in the daytime. You can change out the LED in the handlebar clamp by installing a 2.2V 8000mcd Yellow Daylight LED available from

The Kisan SignalMinder replaces the stock turn signal box under the left chrome air horn cover. Route the brake light interrupt wire (red) up into the neck wiring harness under the front of the tank, 4 pin black connector, tap into the Green/Yellow wire. This stops the auto timer in the Kisan unit during brake application. Unless you change out the turn signal switch springs in the handlebar you need to reset it (push it in) before using the turn signals again.

The unit will change your rear turn indicators into running lights which requires you to change out the rear turn signal light bulbs to LB7440RJ (Wedge Mount, 12V 21W) red bulbs. You can order them from
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kisson signal minder

I have a signal minder from my vtx that I think will fit the Rune .How do I fing the stock signal box ? There is no clicking sound to search for on my Rune .
It Won't Work

The wiring for the Rune and VTX are different and the harness won't fit the VTX model.

The stock turn signal module is under the left front bell cover, its the chrome piece under the tank and is held in place with 3 screws. If you have the Rune CD ROM or paper copy the instructions on page 20-29. 8)
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