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knock off price

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The price for the knock off is 205.dollars that comes with any thing you want engrave.
For the people that bought our reservoir covers engrave or pictures we can do that in the center to match your covers.
If you want the knock off not chrome or want to use your own chrome vendor the price is 125.dollars
We are checking a few powder coat vendors to see if we can match the wheel color.
We are going to make 40 of these and send them to the chrome vendor as we take orders for them so we can engrave what you like.
Our chrome vendor gives us a three day turn around.(most of the time)
We want to thank every one on this board who supports our products.
We will start taking orders today .
Please remember we will only be making 40 of these knock offs it will be first come first serve.
The chrome vendor we use has a three year guarantee on the chrome form chipping or flaking .
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Please place a knock off on order for me. I perfer to have it chromed and without any engraving in the center. You may charge the same credit card as for the nut and bolt head pieces.
knock off spinner

hi chuck
would you like it engrave or plain

How does it attach to the wheel?

Any thoughts to machining some "threads" onto the shaft to make it look more authentic?

knock off

thank you guys, we have sold 16 knock offs so far the first set went to the UK
Hi Tom, I would like to order the plain no writing and in chrome ver. of the knock off, I think you still have my payment info from the last purchase,any questions. Let me know.
Mark me down for two.
* Hey Chuck, didn't you say a while ago that you were DONE buying things for the Rune?? :eek:
Rich K. ( Rune Ski )
Hi Tom, I will take a chrome plain one. I will call first thing in the morning with cc info. Thanks, Ed
Tom…Just plain.

Runski……..I just bought $365.00 worth of something that I have no clue as to what it does from Danny.
Friday I bought $750.00 worth of passenger peg mounts so I can take someone I don’t even like for a ride.
Today I’ve got something coming from TomTom, and all I know is that it is to be plain.

Yep, I’m through again! Except I’ve been in touch with a man I met, and a friend of TomToms', that is going to chrome a whole bunch of stuff on the Rune for $1,500.00.

Note to self: Look stupid you still don’t have setback bars.

we will ship world wide
Hi Tom, just wanted to confirm the order for the chrome plain knock off, thanks.
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