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knock off that looks like rim

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tell me what you think

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You did it

OK, I want one of these, center smooth so you can engrave my razor design. How much? When will they be ready? Chrome or polished?

Thanks Tom, great work.
I like it! It looks a little like a food processor blade, but I like it! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Looks like I am finally going to have to order one.

Painted or chrome?
Very, Very nice. How would it look with the spokes of the knock off staggered with the spaces of the rim instead of with the rim spokes :?:
Just a thought !
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
off center

here it is rune ski off center like you asked
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Very nice BOTH ways. But with the K.O staggered you see more of the rim instead of the spaces between the spokes. GOOD JOB.
Rich K.( Rune Ski )
Do me up one of those too, in chrome of course. Charge it to my credit card. I'm guessing all you did was rotate the hub to different holes to stagger the spokes :?:
Nice job again :!: :wink: ,
Rich K( Rune Ski )
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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