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knock off

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hey guys
how many people do we have interested in the knock off for the rear wheel. We are starting production on 10 pcs today.(6/18/04)
It will look just like the concept rune, should have pictures next week some time.
tom jr.
[email protected]
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Fairly interested, if it is chrome and not just polished. Painted the same color as the spec47 wheels would be ok, too.
I'm definitely in, not sure whether I'd prefer

chromed or spec 47 paint (if you can do that).

Let me know when ready!

knock off to be CHROME

For every body that is interested these knockoffs will be triple chrome plated just like all the rest of our products.But we are going to check with a powder coat vendor to see if he can match the spec 47 wheel
knock off rear wheel

interested if chrome... any idea of price?
I'll take a chrome one.
Mark me down for two please.
Talk later,
Rich K ( Rune Ski )

I too am interested. please post picture and price. :roll:
I would be interested, if your coping the concept bike, that would be a good way to go.
Count me in.
Im interested..hopefully ez to put on
Greg Fuller
the center cap on the rear wheel is chrome anyway....I think it would look good ,to off set the spec wheels.
picture of knock off

This is a picture of the knock off spinner that we are duplicating For those who don't know what a spinner looks like go to my gallery page and the picture of the concept bike is there. As far as the price we won't know the actual cost till we get the first part off and get it to the chrome vendor to find out how much it is going to cost to get it chromed hope to have that info and more pics this week.

tom jr
ultimate machining
I still dont know what a knock off is. could someone explain?
I like it! Guess there is another thing to add to the list of stuff to get.
And people say there will never be any aftermarket acc for these bikes!!
Make the Prongs longer and let it spin. Trouble with it when its fixed is that it messes with the lines of five spokes. My friend recently went on a trip to Tenesse and took some photos of a yellow rune. The owner of the bike said that he had friends at Honda and that they painted it yellow at the factory (not Custom at the paint shop) as a gift to his wife (he got a standard color). I would post the photos but my friend wants to respect that the owner would not know that they were posted on a website. He does not know the person who owns it that well but was introduced to him by another friend. Sorry guys....
pic of work in process

let me know what you think so far
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