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Kudo's and my respect to the Toms at Ultimate Machining...

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Just received my new ZM logo knockoff which is superb quality, and an awesome piece!

A little background is needed as I gave them my logo and the request for a certain size. Once I get in my mind's eye what I want, I admittedly, am a stickler for details and I had in my mind a font size that Tom indicated to me may not be satisfactory, but he went ahead with my wishes.

The first knockoff, though very good, did not come out quite the way I was hoping and also there were some minor issues with the finish which they made clear before they sent it to me...with the understanding that if because of the finish issues, I didn't like the knock-off, another would be made.

After seeing it and installing, I made a couple notes which we discussed (typical of the GREAT communication I have had with them throughout),
and a new one was made. Subtle changes were made to the logo size, and Ultimate Machining did an excellent job refining what I asked, versus what was necessary to get the result I wanted in my mind's eye. It takes true experienced craftsmen to accomplish that, and they get my sincere pat on the back and thanks for a job well done and a hearty recommendation for their products and services.

Though my pics don't do the knock-off the justice it deserves, and the new one has not yet been installed, thought I'd share my excitement. Same knock-off just different angles and photo treatment to makeout the quality of finish and detail respectively.

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A mam among men

ZM, that looks nice. It fits your flamboyant yet inconspicuous persona, an unobtrusive statement to your fastidious adherence to eminent detail. Once someone sees this magnificent masterpiece of superior design plunked on your rear tire any doubt about your fastidious attention to detail will be erased.

In keeping with the above premise my knockoff is plain.
I also received my knock off spinner ( plain ) this week. WOW, really first rate job.

I also ordered and received my set of caps to cover up the unfinished ugly bolt heads Honda left. Another excellent job. Putting them on this evening. Best part was the outstanding service Tom gave me.

I've sent him a sketch for a set of bar ends to my liking.... can't wait to hear his response.
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