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Kuryakyn peg adapter

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The correct adapter for the Kuryakyn pegs is part#7939, it's the adapter for the 01-04 GL1800. I tried the one for the older Valks and it didn't
work. I'm a pro at puttin pegs on the Rune now, I had to disassemble and reassemble twice!
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i'm actually using a different one. It's a "passenger" peg adapter for the Valk. Works fine. But it sure is a hassle to install them :shock: ...due to all the junk you had to take off to get to the pin that holds on the peg. but you know that :wink:

I am in the middle of changing my pegs. I bought the 7946 adapters and of course they don't fit. Which adapters fit better the GW or the rear Valk . What foot pegs are you guys using 7963 or 4452 ISO-Wing. HELP! :?: :shock: How much longer are the set back bars and what else do you need to change them? Thanks
Steve can tell you which ISO board he and i are using. i think it is the 7963...but i'm not sure? My rear Valk passenger peg adapters fit pretty make them a PERFECT fit with no slack or noise (and Steve went back and did this on his too, i believe)....i went to a hardware store and got some nylon washers...two per peg...and mounted them in between the frame and the peg make for a custom /perfect tight fit. i think steve used the GW adapters? Steve...enlighten him. Or...didn't you have a post on this already?

Set back bars are two inches further back. i had my forward bars changed out to set back...well worth it! you have to change the front brake hose too. About 50 bucks for the brake hose. Kind of a pain to bleed due to linked brake system.

I used the iso pegs #7963 with adapter #7939. Works very well!

Thanks guys for the help. :lol:
all righty...i stand corrected.

i went and found the packages my pegs and adapters came in. I'm using the 8802 adapter....which is labeled as the REAR peg for a Valk/Shadow/etc.

I'm using the 4452 for the ISO wing itself.

sorry for any confusion.
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