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last night i watched the Corbin Ride On show...

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..on Speedvision. i know this may have been on before, but i had not seen this particular episode. It was the one where they filmed in Daytona at last year's Biketoberfest. And throughout the program, the announcer/host (Brian Jackson) was riding a Cherry red Rune! That was just too cool. He rides it thru the park at Daytona...rides it around the rally. Just too cool....

Then they also had the Corbin commercial with the red Rune...showing off their fairing, fender and rumble seat. While none of those products interest me any (especially after seeing them on a bike at different angles and moving down the road.....yikes!) was cool as heck to see a Rune on a commercial....where it was the feature of the commercial. Actually, the Rumble seat looked sort of interesting...though i'll never be interested in riding two up. But the fender and fairing were....never mind. Must remain politically correct :wink:

But none the less, just seeing that Rune in both the show and that commercial made it priceless :!: :!: :!:
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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