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Guys, Mike at the Holiday Inn Express in Erwin. Ask about four of us at the Goldwing club meeting last night to layout a trip and guide it for your rally.

We all live in the Northeast Tennessee and know alot of back roads that are not on most maps. We are going to ride it for time Tue. to make sure it fits your rally time frame. (So you can get back in time to eat)

Two of us were on the Parkway Tue. and the temp. was 72F but down in the valley it was 85F. So come prepared for big temp swings on the ride.
We will be in the mountains all day from the 2,500ft-5,000ft level. So it should be just right to ride.

We have some of the best riding out of Erwin, TN. there is in Northeast Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

So you all come on down.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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