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leaky radiator

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I know this has been asked and answered before, but I can't find the old messages...what's the best way to fix a leaky Rune Rune has 2,000 miles on it and has already had to have the dealer fix leaks twice.
Thanks :wink:
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Loose Clamp

We haven’t heard of this problem for quite some time.

Of the first Runes delivered many had coolant fluid leaking and the problem was some of the hose clamps were not tightened securely at the assembly line. If you’ve had clamps tightened before it would seem not all of them were. You can do it yourself but you must remove the radiator cowling; I’d take it back again.

OK, thanks for the info
Coolant Leak

I agree with Chuck, take it back to the dealer. I'd also call the Rune line and have them get involved with the dealer, if this is a recurrent problem Tech Support should be in on the fix. Rune number is (888) 888-3109
rune tech support

I didn't know there was a tech support line. that's great. thank again
If you buy a new rune, make sure to check those hoses. I've asked about the manufacturing date on 2, and both were more than a year old :evil: . If dealer didn't put fuel stabilizer in them (VERY unlikely), there could be fuel-related problems already brewing inside. Plus the clunky front forks, and whatever other nagging problems. I'll wait until the 2005's myself. And yes, they will be made; remember this post.
2005 Huh

Wishful thinking about future Runes. I think the problems reported on the forum about this bike are pretty small in number, especially for a first (and only) year bike.

Remember this post.
04' and no more!


From your lips to the Honda God ears.
Ditto on LOV2KRZ's reply. Some of us are pioneers and some of us are followers! I LOVE BEING ONE OF THE PIONEERs! I'll take the little problems, they don't put a dent in the feeling I get with this bike underneath me! Well worth it, believe that!
yea...remember this post too...

NO ONE KNOWS jack about more many were made...etc. Lots and lots of rumors....but no one knows jack. If Lamont or Hal haven't heard the business they are in...with the connections they have....then i wouldn't believe ANY THING else i heard from ANYONE else.

Just my take......remember this post, you heard it hear first :twisted:
I haven't heard anything either folks; just applying simple business common sense :lol: . Only reason it might not come back is lack of dealer support, which is somewhat likely based on the many units still unsold, even at steep discounts, $3K holdback, and a year of no interest. Honda is in for the money, period. And can afford to knock the price down quite a bit (a la Triumph) and still make a nice profit. One thing is for sure: nobody will know anything until the dealer show; nothing new there. I can wait.
And I tried to be a 'pioneer' with the GL1800, and had to pull over after every block in summer due to overheating (acknowledged much later), then the bikes had to be dismantled to reweld the frame (that's when I sold it). I have no more pioneering spirit with Honda, especially with my dealer 100 miles away. Does that make me a 'follower'? I'd say just smarter. I don't need the attention. I'm glad the problems with the Rune have been relatively minor, because that means I'll get an '04 if no '05s materialize.

Let's wait and see who eats crow in a few months. I'll be the first to acknowledge if I'm wrong... and the first to give you a hard time if I'm not. :p
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JC, it's not about the attention, I could care less what anyone thinks of any of my vehicles. Have you ever rode a Rune for a couple hundred miles? I doubt it, so you can't have the enthusiasm that us Rune OWNERS do. You're just spewing wannabe speculation.
that sounds pretty fair JC :lol: I just know on other boards i visit, in the past....there has been a ton of rumors and speculation...going back some 2 plus years ago. Some of the rumors were amusing, some were exciting, some down right annoying.

And then, some people believe and hear what they want to believe and hear. I'll never forget the InZane rally in July of 2002 (THAT'S RIGHT...i did say July 2002)....Charlie Keller from Honda came to address the crowd. We all knew he was going to talk about this rumored 'new Valk' that many had hoped for and heard possible rumors about. And of course, just as now, the rumors were rampant. "no, there won't be any more Valks, ....yes, there will,....yes, but it will be bigger and better, they are completely discontinuing....etc...etc."

So he comes up...and addresses the crowd...and comes right out and says "i can't tell you the details, but if you love the Valk, and you love big bikes, and cool bikes, and this and that...etc....then you're going to LOVE the new bike Honda is going to announce on 13 Sep 2002". So there it was, CONFIRMATION of all the rumors of a new big Valk-like bike (later, to be announced as the Rune). So the crowd disperses....and just days later, there are posts all over the Valk board....FROM PEOPLE THAT HEARD THIS SPEECH....saying the Valk is dead, no new bike, oh poor us, etc.

So of course, i go on the board and say "how can you say that? Were you really at that speech he made? And if so, how could you come away with any conclusion but that there IS a new Valk?" We argued and debated back and forth all the way until Midnight, 12/13 Sep 2002. And then the announcement. And then we all finally new the TRUTH. And some of us....were vindicated :twisted:

That's my point, no one knows anything until it is announced. PERIOD. Not my dealer. Not your dealer. Not Hal (who has three MAJOR dealerships on the east coast). Not workers at the Honda plant. Not your area Honda rep. CERTAINLY NOT ME. NO ONE. but yet, the rumors will abound. But not until Sep 2004 will we know if an 05 Rune is in the offering...or if a new different Rune...or bigger better Valk...or whatever! But until then, people will talk....and rumors will flow...and like the infamous incident at the 02 InZane, even when the word first comes out...people will hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe and say what they want to say :wink:

That's my long winded story, and i'm sticking to it :D Me, i got my Rune on 9 Aug of the very first ones (the first ones i believe were in July). I've never had any major or minor problems with it...i love's everything i hoped for. So much so, i got a second one...for my wife (Sherrune on this board). Now, if we want to get another heated debate going, just ask someone how many Runes were made....cause NO ONE knows that answer either....PERIOD :!:
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coolant hose leak and potential radiator damage

just after parking, noted coolant puddle. traced to lower radiator hose leak. tightened clamp. no big deal. while at it, i replaced the coolant ( 3 years old ) and checked all accessible hose clamps. all loose... i also noted that the evap. purge valve mounted near right side radiator, was wedged onto lower radiator tank shoulder ( california model only? ) causing an indentation on metal... recommandation: remove radiator covers and check all your hose clamps and above valve mounting, i'm glad i did...ride safe.
Interesting to read some of these older posts. Thanks for the bump.

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