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licence plate bolts pics

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Hey guys let me know what you think they come with everything you see and the cost is 28.00
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Check is in the mail.

P.S. I don’t want the rocks.
Tom, Count me in. I will be calling. How soon can I expect them after the order? Keep up the good and badly needed inventions. Thanks, Ed

PS. Chuck, You always make me laugh. I love your sense of humor.
how soon

I just sent a them down to the chrome vendor . I should expect them back Monday or Tuesday.
I'll take a set also Tom . They look nice , and thanks for your effort toward the Rune. Call ya Later :)

Tom, I'll take a set, let me know when they are ready and how we'll do the money thing. Don't forget to send me pics of all the other toys you have avalilable for our Runes. E-mail is [email protected]
Thanks, John Rune #25
Time frame on bolts being sent out?

Hi Tom;

I was hoping to have received the the license plate bolts by now :? . Any news on when everyone should expect them? I believe you mentioned that they were back from the chrome vendor after getting rechromed? :shock:
Please let us all know.

Diver Dave in Seattle

I got mine and they are very nice. :1st:

Of course :chicken: I don’t know how to install them, :idea: but I’ll be studying the service :tools1: manual this weekend for instructions.
I got mine and they look great, thanks Toms
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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