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Lift Adapter Pics

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A couple people have ask me for the pics of LUV2KRZ's lift adapter.
They are posted in my personal gallery. (For those newbies click on the link to the left that say's "HogSlayers Gallery")
The sears lift will work Runeski, barely! The bike has to be held up straight without someone sitting on. I hope this helps, it hurt a little
pulling most of my custom paint pics out of my gallery, but for you guys
I'll tuff it out!
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Hog Slayer,
Thanks, got the info. I needed. You can switch back to your regular pics. anytime the rest of the guys are done.
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
Lift adapter

Are these adapter's for sale? I would like to buy one if they are.
Adapter Drawings

I've added two specification drawings to my album, just click on it in this post and you can get the dimensions needed to make an adapter out of 2x3 lumber or if you're good with steel on from square and flat stock.
Lift adapter

Does anyone still have the pictures and/or specifications for making or buying a lift adapter? I'd sure appreciate it if you'd post them again.


Hey HogSlayer/LUV2KRZ
I can't see the pics...only the dreaded X on your post.... Can you email them to me at [email protected] if possible ... Also luv2krz... can you email your pics and specs too... I must be late and they are not on the gallery I look at...Thanks to both of you..
Rich Oas
I've posted all the pics of the lift adapter that I have, go to Photo Post and select Member Galleries then search for Hogslayer1. I've used this adapter 3 times and it works well. Hint: you should of course use a tie down strap, remove the seat and remove side/tranny covers if you have them on your bike, so the tie down strap doesn't rub them.
Adapter Pics

U da man HogSlayer... Thanks for including the tape rule in the pics... It appears that the monoshock support is about 3" high ... and I assume the rest is made with 2" x 2" lumber. Will tie down for sure.. :D
This is all I see with no Photo section. Where is it? Thanks

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adrian, At the top of the page there's not a pull-down menu that says
Photo Post?
Pictures on Link Page

I've added the lift adapter photo's on the link page to Big Bike Riders Photo album. Just follow the link at the bottom of this message.
Got them, Thanks you guys
Keep it simple and ride....Poppz

Hey you know a guy named Bill Wilson???.. started out in New York...spent some time in Akron... then back to New York...

Or anyone else out there know him?...
Nu a Wilson a few years ago who was a member of STAR. I thought he was from the Detroit Area. Met him at the Cleveland show too.
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