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Sept. issue of Honda Red Rider shows new light bar for the neo vtx1800 ($359.95) is there a way to adapt this to the RUINE :idea:
any info on B/C grip ends would be appreciated. Canadianrune was offering these but can't locate him.
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Was the lightbar a Honda accessory or a after market part?
For me to put a lightbar on my Rune it would have to be all chromed and modern looking.

I just installed Motolights brake caliper mounted lights on my 99 Valk, they are really slick and are about the same price as the lightbar you referred to. Maybe I'll ask them to design a mounting bracket for the Rune.
lightbar is made by HONDA
Its a Honda Accessory

and I've seen it on the NEO VTX, looks kinda cool. It would take a considerable amount of work to adapt it to the Rune but with this group I wouldn't be surprised to hear someone did it.
Did you see the bar ends Ultimate Tom made :?: :?: Good quality and fit and looks good. Go get em.
Rich K (Rune Ski)
Light Bars are for Shadows

Putting a light bar on a Rune is equivalent ordering a slice of pizza with banana topping; it just doesn’t demonstrate good taste.

The way to do it is to duplicate KenCrawleySC’s tastefulness. That is the way to go.
Oh my God! and I just kidded you on a different string and called you a lil ol lady! hee hee! Sorry SiteData! you da Man! :) I would like to get chrome "cowlings" to go around my HID lights on the engine guards.

And, I burned my fancy new driving/turn signal lights up inside. I put a 55watt halogen 1156 socketed bulb in each. It melted the contacts that touch the bulbs, and cracked the plastic threaded inserts to keep the insides together.... crap ! :oops: My get well plan is to replace the guts with a LED Array for my driving lights above the turn signals. People sure get outta my way on the interstate at night when I am behind them. The light pattern on the highway is solid bluish/white... no shadows! And Ihave seen deer 1000 ft+ in the distance on the sides of the road with the lights.. That is why I got them in the first place.. well, second place. The first was/is to get the SCBlindIdiots to see me at intersections before they turn in front of me. I have noticed a definite decrease in that tendency.
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I agree that Ken's setup is a improvement over a lightbar, but it's not for me, double turn-signals mounted on the fork look to cluttered, I like the lights on the engine guard, well minus the little bird cages around them and their price, Ken weren't they like $1000?
The motolights I mentioned earlier post are very functional, very high quality and aren't gaudy looking. They come in flat black, brushed aluminum and polished aluminum. They have mounts for brake caliper,
fender bolt, engine guard and the fork. They come with 35w bulbs, but for $10 more they'll upgrade them to 50w. They cost $300-$400 depending on the light. They have a full life-time warrranty, that includes the bulbs! These are a favorite among BMW riders. Will any of their mounts off the shelf work on the Rune? That I don't know, but I'll contact them and get the scoop.
Yep HogSlayer, they were 1,000 bucks. They are 35 watts of plasma pumping photon throwing lightning. The cages are BMW's idea for their motorcycle. It is actually an aiming setup so you can set the elevation of the beam. This is critical because they will blind you. They are the same lights that are in the Lexus and Audi. As for my taste I dont think the dual lights are cluttered or cheezy. From my viewpoint their appearance with the headlamp are StarWarsy. I prefer BuckRogers+StarWars over Dragons any day.
Red Rider

Hey Guys, I bought my Rune used and wondered if anyone could steer me to where I could get on the Red rider Magizine list.

Thanks Ira
I believe you have to be a member of HRCA, Honda Riders Club of America, here's their web link, check it out,

Thanks HogSlayer, :D I'm a member now.

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