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'Lil Gift for Chuck

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Teaser !!
I tried to get you a RED one, but all I could find was the BASIC black model. :lol: One coming to your neighborhood soon !!
Rich K ( Rune Ski ) :twisted:
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I'm Feel Left Out

Okay, all you guys exchanging stuff just because, well I feel left out. Stop it or I'm going to take my motorcycle and go somewhere else. :D Just having a little fun before I leave for the Hoot.
Good things come to those who share

For those of you wondering how to get a “Lil Gift” from RunSki, all you have to do is let him boink your sister…………. works for me.

RunSki, my boy, the “Lil Gift” is absolutely magnificent; where did you get it? I can’t imagine anyone owning a Rune not wanting one of more of these. You have got to let everyone know how to get them, and thank you very much. I’d send some Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee but I don’t suppose you need any coffee.

I’ll try to reciprocate in some manner, let me think on it.

P.S. You can drop my sister off at the bus station now!
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I picked it up at Americade. They were selling the red and blue ones for $20.00 each. But they were giving away the black ones :lol: But really, all you had to do was sign at the HRCC tent and prove you were a member in good standings and they give each person one. I got two because I mentioned your name :)
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
I meant HRCA tent
Again thank you.

I’m surprised that you mentioned my name and no one called the police!
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