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Little Plates

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I received my little plate that replaces the Honda logo on the gas tank. Very nice. Quality is identical to the original. Fit perfectly.

Thanks Danny, you did a great job. :lol:
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I also received mine yesterday too. Looks great, Danny.

Too bad I don't go by a shorter name...... can't believe he was able to fit it all in on the plate.

Tank Medallion

I got mine yesterday too, thanks Danny
Thanks guys I'm glad you are happy with how those came out,
Show them to everyone and let them know how to get them .
My dealer is so impress, that he ordered for all the bikes on the show floor with is name and #.
Thanks again and sorry it took my engraver so long to get the material.
Danny, no word yet on the ZM plate?...

after the initial request and response, ya haven't responded to my e-mail queries.

Hi ZM,
Sorry buddy ,I'm working on it but remember that this last weekend was a long one and I can only get service when the busness is open.
Anyway I should be picking up your plate today, the only mod was that we had to take off the shadow of the bottom name

I know the ZM plates are not that important/much money and understandably probably not high on the priority list, but I got the impression from you they were ready to go...I've heard nothing from you though I've supplied info and said I was ready to pay immediately if you tell me how you want it.

Fill me in will ya?

Hi Danny, re: the little plates do you have any that are already made up that just have the word Rune as the logo :lol:
Hi Danny, lets try that last one again.
thanks Brent :oops:
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