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Looking for Horsepower Hungry Rune Owners

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I have come up with the K&N air filter adapter for the Rune (see vendors area). The adapter increases the horsepower by 10% and also reduces the amount of soot. I am looking for at least a dozen people to purchase this adapter so that I can offer it at a low cost. I will not invest over $3500 for ten of these adapters and then try to sell them. Any help in getting this project started would be greatly appreciated.

First 12 orders get FREE shipping and handling!
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I'm in. Check your e-mail.
K& N air filter

I would be interested , depending on the cost of course & what type of mod would have to be made to the bike.
Let me know.
Danny, I’m not necessarily the most mechanically inclined. Is this system something I can install?
Thanks BigRedRider,
Rune108 the cost on the kit is $365.00 S&H is included for the first 12 orders.
Sitedata as far as the install the biggest job is to remove the gas tank, the air filter is under it, then remove the top of the air box (which is just a few screws) then remove the OEM air filter, install the lower part of the adapter, the K&N filter,and the top part of the adapter and screw everything back together. remove the rubber gromet that holds the air temp sensor from the original air box , install it on the adapter top piece and plug the air temp back in. The only part that you have to be carfull is removing the tank.

Now if you want to take it to you dealer you can, My dealer told me that it will not void my warranty, so you can take the kit to them if they are going to service your Rune anyway
Do you have a same day dyno before and after...

at same test conditions and same dyno/operator with and without your K&N mod, that substantiates the 10% gain? Please post.


Will be very interested if you can provide that.
No ZM I don't ,
all I have is the dyno score after the mod. I have place a message on the old board asking if anyone had dynoed the Rune and all the answers were from 92HP to 98HP and mine dynoed at 107HP so it safe to say 10% increase .
Hi , just a couple of more questions, 1. is the K&N company involved with this mod or is this something of a private adventure. 2. if you were to clean the soot off of the mufflers completly how many miles would you have to ride or have ridden the bike since the K&N filter and how much soot was left on the mufflers?
Count me in for the k&n filter adapter

I would LOVE to have 7 HP more power. [email protected]....
Thanks Ken,
Rune 108 , No K&N is not directly involve with this Rune adapter what I have done is I have found a K&N filter used on a car that has the same filter area as the Rune and built an adapter to the air box of the Rune.
The K&N filter that I use will not fit the Rune OEM air box.
As for the amount of soot left on the muffler I want to say that I start to see a light brown discoloration on the muffler at about 3 to 400 miles .
Basicaly I clean the exhaust twice a month compare to every 2 days.
count me in. e-mail me when they are ready.

I`ll take one, Likewise, email me when they are rdeady. Frank
Thanks, but

I want to thank:


But we still need at least 3 more orders before we can start machining.
Come on guys, be one of the few to have the fastest Rune,
don't forget it will reduce the amount of soot on your exhaust and the K&N air filter will increase your gas mileage.
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Let me have it !!

Hi Danny
Gotta have that horsepower. Count me in for the K&N filter adapter :D
Ok I gotta see this through to the end,I'm in. :shock:
Hey , just thought of something, how often do we have to service the new air filter with that oil stuff,because that will require removal of the tank right?
Thanks :?:
Fingers are crossed.

Danny, I sure to hell hope this thing comes with clear installation instructions. I’ve got to give them to Thumbs Duffs McGee, my crackerjack lawnmower mechanic, if I can catch him when he’s sober!

Some of you will remember McGee, he’s the guy that took two days to bleed my break lines.
almost there

Hey Rune108: I have k&N's on my truck and the GF's car. Normally you only service them every 50,000 for street riding (30,000 miles if you drive in off road, Dusty Conditions allot)

Only one more to go !! :D
Danny, I will take one. E-mail me when they are ready. Thanks, Ed
O.K. count me in too! or is that three? I LOVE horsepower!!!
Portland, OR :D :D
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