Hello All. After spending a significant amount of time investigating and learning about it, I have fallen in love with the Rune and am ready to join the culture. I have snooped around the various websites but became aggravated and annoyed with listings that were either no longer valid or fictitious. I am expecting joining the forum here will likely produce better results. I have been riding motorcycles for over fifty years, have a couple or touring bikes I regularly use and a few others that I consider "collector pieces" with far less usage. I am looking for a Rune to add to the later category. My preference is for a reasonably low mileage example, in exceptionally nice condition that has been used frequently enough to keep everything lubricated and working well, and that has been well preserved with storage in a controlled environment. Although I am from the mid-west, I would make a leap of faith with a trusted seller and make an acquisition without seeing it in person, and arranger for shipping. Thank you for your time. Carl / 708-363-3201 (mobile) / [email protected]