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Make Your Own Camera Mount

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Here is the parts list, see my album for a photo, of all the parts you'll need to make a very sturdy camera mount for your ride. I use this on my VTX but it will work on any motorcycle with a 1" handle bar.

Bill of Materials
1- Tripod Head with 3/8"x16 thread mount (if the thread mount is different then you'll have to adjust the bolts/screws you use)
1- 3/8”x16x7/8” Set Screw Stainless Steel
1 - 1”Alum or Steel threaded Spaceer 3/8”x16 (you can have it chromed)
1-1/4”Acorn Nut Stainless Steel
1- Keen-Cert 3/8” to 1/4” x1/2" long (this goes in the spacer to adapt the 3/8" thread mount to a bolt that will fit through the handle bar clamp)
2- Big Bike Parts Handle Bar Clamp P/N 51-341
1-1/4”x20x1 3/4” Socket Head Bolt Stainless Steel
1-1/4”x20x1 3/16“ Socket Head Bolt Stainless Steel

Use some blue loctite to hold the bolts in place and your done.
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Camera/Talkabout/GPS or whatever

Anyone interested you want to check this site out. I use these items on my rune and my 82 CBX for my talkabout or my video camera. They have tons of options for aircraft, motorcycles or whatever. Quality is great.

You will want to order the chrome 1 inch mount and the ball. You will see how it all works when you check the site. I use the rubber ball as a stop for the corbin screen when I have it down to stop the vibration. I may order a second one for the other side. There is one that will mount on the crash bar. (Band clamp type).

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