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Memorial Weekend Sale

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10% Memorial Weekend Sale

For the readers of our online message boards.

This is to thank you for participating in and reading our online message boards.

This Sale starts Friday (May 28, 2004) 6PM and runs until Tuesday morning (June 1, 2004) at 8AM. All times are Eastern. The order must be a minimum of $100.00 to qualify for this discount.

The rules of this sale are very basic so please make sure that you read and understand the rules before ordering anything.

The additional discounts (10%) are only available during the sale times and days noted above.

The order must be placed online during the sale period. The office will be closed for the Holiday Weekend so your order must be placed online. Don’t call during the week after the sale to place an order with these discounts. The discounts expire at the day and time noted.

The following items are NOT eligible for the extra discount: Show Chrome/Big Bike Parts items and accessories are not eligible for this Holiday sale, Honda oil products are not eligible for this sale, discounts are not available on the purchase of any vehicles, motorcycles, ATV, scooters or rocket ships

If you can’t order it on our main website at then the discount is not available. This discount is not available on any of our other websites.

You must either add the Sale Banner to your shopping cart or type “Memorial Weekend Sale” in the comments section when you check out of the online store. We will manually apply the 10% discounts when we process and ship the orders. The 10% discount will not show on your online order. Our computer isn’t that sophisticated. We wish it was but it isn’t.

We are sorry if you were out of town when we announced the sale. We are sorry that your computer was broken over the Holiday weekend. 8AM Eastern time on Tuesday is the same as 5AM Pacific time. So if you are any place else please adjust your clock to Eastern time for this sale. The rules are the rules.

We offer this type of sale several times per year. We do it because we want to sell a lot of merchandise and we want you to have some money left in your pocket. We want to do all of this without having to answer telephone calls and inputting orders into the computer. We can save money that way and pass the savings on to the online community that visits our message boards. We do not hold these sales to get our customers upset. If there is something about this sale process that you do not like then please do not participate. The online store will be operating normally on Tuesday at 8AM so you can order after the sale is over.

We have a huge inventory but we must rely on our suppliers and manufacturers to provide us with a steady flow of merchandise. If we do not have the items in stock we will maintain your order in a backorder status until we receive the merchandise and ship it to you. Or you may cancel the order at your discretion.

These sale discounts can not be combined with any other offer, coupon or discount.

We have been forced into creating these complicated rules because of things that occur every time we hold this type of sale. We hate rules but some people must like them because they are always pointing out things that we forgot to mention. So the next sale will probably have more rules too.

This type of sale usually causes us to go into massive overload and get backed up on shipping. Even more so than we usually are. So if you are in a hurry or have an emergency please do not place an order via this sale. Wait until Tuesday and call the order in. We will see to it that it is shipped right away but you will not qualify for the discount.

All forty of our employees appreciate the business that you entrust to us. We do screw-up occasionally and all we ask is that you give us the opportunity to take care of the problem. If you feel that your problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction, then please call either of us at 888-258-6699.

Chris Greenlee & Hal Greenlee

Direct Line Parts, Inc.

P.S. We hope to see you this summer at one of the many Rallies and Shows we will be attending. Please stop by and say hello.


You must either add the Sale Banner to your shopping cart or type “Memorial Weekend Sale” in the comments section when you check out of the online store
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Sounds good Hal...

:D , I've got a few things on my wish list!

Have a great weekend all, and remember those that have given their service and lives for our freedom and way of life.
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