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Mirrors with adapters

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I've put on lots of mirrors, but they were always made for metric applications. I bought some Aeromach mirrors made for standard applications. So I have to use a adapter to mount them.
I messed with them last night for about an hours. Any tips or tricks
to mount these things and have them line up correctly and not be loose?
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Love to help you out brother Rune but don't know what i'm looking at :shock: :?: :idea: meaby with a picture or a drawing or just "beam it up here Scottie" and i'll fix it.
Hogslayer, I don't remember if the 'standard' size is bigger or smaller than the 'metric', but if it's bigger, I'd re-thread the mirrors to the 'metric' size. I've seen mirrors with adapters, and they look like an afterthought IMO, besides the fact they get loose in a heartbeat. I'd not install any mirrors with adapters, especially in such a beautiful (and custom) bike, but that's just me.

Finally, I remember when I bought the aeromach 'velocity stacks' for my Valk, I had one of the first sets, and I had to work with them because they hit the tank. They said they could make ANYTHING. If the metric size is bigger than standard, and therefore can't be re-threaded, why don't you call them and ask how much for a 'metric' application? They make neat stuff.
Hope this helps.

It appears that you have received mirrors that were produced for American made bikes (American standard sizing) and furnished with adapters to convert the thread and size to metric.

Some adapters do the job properly and look right for the application while others don't. Sounds as if you need to return your purchase and order product sized to metric standards.

When you order metric type mirrors make sure that you obtain the correct size, hand and thread for a Honda. Yamaha has a left turning thread on one side vs. both right hand for Honda.

Hope this helps!
Mirror Adapters

First thing I would do is call Aeromach and tell them you got standard bolts instead of metric, they just may send you new bolts.

The other thing to do is tell us which mirror stem you purchased and I can look them up at to help you out.
I figured it out

They sent me the correct adapters, the problem was that the lock down nut that came the adapter had to large of a outside diameter and wouldn't fit in the mirror perch, so I couldn't tighten the mirror down. I called Aeromach and told them when they sell standard mirrors to Rune owners to put smaller nuts on the adapter.
When to Niehaus Cycle in Litchfield, Il and found some nuts that would work. That's the same place I bought my Rune and where I'll be in their bike show this Sunday.
I'll be finishing putting her back together tomorrow, wait til you guys see her! I'll post pics on Monday.
Danny, those tranny covers look awesome! thanks bro
metric stems

I used a pair of my old valk stems fitted perfectly you cant tell the difference. :D
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