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Just a question (not a suggestion). Redvalk: Can you close down the MSN Board completley? If you can, can someone start it up and get the members that were there to join back to MSN? If it were closed down, I wonder if they would come jumping over to this board. I for one will not make anymore posts on the other board as that it what is going to fuel the fire and keep people there. I know that you are still maintaining the other board but I have a suggestion, tell anyone that has a question for you to come look for the answer on this board as thats where it will be. It would be good for everyone to say the same that is using this board. The more people that DONT use the other board, the more people will switch over.
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I can shut down that other board or just lock it up. I was going to wait a bit till we knew we had all the bugs worked out of this one. Maybe I just need to set a date and pull the plug. That's what I had to do on two other boards and everyone got use to this one and wound up liking it better anyway. :D
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