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MSN Rune board closing down

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Perhaps I missed something?

I received an email from LaMonster et al advising the MSN board is not going to exist post 28 May and I wish to know if that means that all the information acrued on that board will hence forth cease to be available? Does the site just cease to exist or is it just no longer moderated?

As I am about to finally get my Rune, I was looking forward to being able to access the old posts and hope that I still can. If there is a workaround to losing this information could someone please advise me of such?

Either way I thought the old site was great and do thank those responsible.

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As of this Friday the old board will no longer be running and if I understand things the data, posts, etc. will no longer be accessible.

If you have anything you want to save from the MSN board please feel free to copy it and repost over here.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
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