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Need comments about side covers (no history here)

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Read some comments on the other board, but I trust this board better.
I think there are 3 on the market now: Directline, Runski, and Dean's.

You can comment about construction, fit, and finish. Then about convenience and functionality, which means its method of attachment/detachment, and ventilation to prevent overheating. I personally prefer the one which can be removed without tools since oil dipstick is in there, and looks smooth (no visible fasteners). I think it's made by Dean. And finally cost. There was a lot of animosity on the other board about recent price reductions, and offerings over Ebay. I personally welcome those since I haven't bought yet, but I understand the other side. That's exactly how I felt when I bought my brand new BMW in '03, and a week later a $2,500 rebate was instituted (ouch!). They NEVER had a rebate on a new model before. There's always a first time, huh?

Thanks for your comments. Oh, and pics would be great.
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Tranny Covers

I just installed the ones Danny produced. The mounting brackets are very well made and equally as easy to install. The covers are held onto the brackets by very strong magnets. Extremely easy to put on and take off. I like the fact that they are smooth with no visible fastners. I just had mine custom painted and man do they look slick!
I'll post pics of the whole bike next Monday.
i have the covers from Hal (Direct Line) on both my Runes. I have seen the ones from Runeski in person up close. BOTH sets of covers by BOTH those vendors look similar in quality and constuction (BOTH are stainless steel and similar in over all shape and mount the same)...with just a few differences. The Direct Line ones have a hole where the oil dip stick cap sticks out. The real purpose of the hole is to keep the oil cap from rubbing against the inside of the cover. you can NOT change the oil with that hole, you would still need to pull the cover off. Same for Runeski's, you'll have to pull the cover off. no big deal on either one...just takes mintues. Runeski's covers have some small vent holes on the top of them. i don't think you'll have a problem with ANY of the covers from ANY vendor. The heat 'issue' on the water cooled bike is a non-issue. i heard the same comments on the tranny covers for the Valk years ago. same exact issue...similar design. Well, THOUSANDS have been running them for years with no problems, and i now have about 66k and 7 years on my 97 Valk...with the tranny covers on there for about 6 of those years...and about 55k or so of those miles. Again, that's a non-issue.

i don't have pictures of mine here at work...but i do have some pictures posted at the old MSN board. Of course, it does NOT have a search you'd have to 'wade' thru old posts to maybe ever find the pics i posted on a thread. That's why we moved here for the future :p On this board, you could just search and see your pics in seconds!

On Hal's, i added some nylon spacers to the back side of mine on the make it set out just far enough that the cover will not rub on any of the parts underneath the cover. that way, if i ever decide to take the cover off....and leave it off...all my parts on my bike will look just like they did from day one. I like having that option.

Bottom line, i would buy EITHER of those two covers from Runeski or Hal. I can NOT comment on Danny's, because i have never seen a set in person, therefore i (as a professional Engineer by trait) don't know enough to comment on them...though i have seen pics and threads on them. My GUESS is that his have to be somewhat similar, and also would work quite well.
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I wonder how it is you have more confidence in the postings on this board than you do of those on the old MSN board, it is comprised of the same people.
If you questioned their veracity over there what makes you think those rascals are going to give you the straight skinny here?

I, on the other hand, have changed my ways and am going to be on my best behavior. Never again will I be casting aspersions on rainbow colored Runs or unfortunate New Jersey people.

Danny is the only one that offers covers that can match your Rune. Honda Direct Line provides an opening wherein a oil temperature gage can be placed and Runskis’ covers have decretive air vents stamped into the upper portion of each cover. As for fit I would assume they all are well fitting. I have Runski covers and as far as I’m concerned they fit fine. As I’ve not seen the other two offerings installed on a Rune so I can’t give you a comparison.

If you want a set to match you paint, Dannys’ your man. If you prefer stainless steel buy the one with the best price.
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Vitki04 said:
Let the pictures do the talking.
Hey Danny, I'm 42 man; I'd need a magnifying glass the size of Texas to see those pics. Do you have any bigger versions? Should be a separate gallery here, I'm sure.

So now I have to decide between stainless or painted to match? Boy, does it ever end? Would like to see pics. I think the stainless probably looks better on black, but any of you is more qualified than me to make that assessment. The reason I'm thinking some people are paintinig them is because of the rainbow of colors, huh? The frame is silver, the valve covers chromed, surrounding tank body colored, and the covers stainless look. A little too much, perhaps? It certainly looks better than the dark gray on the engine; what was Honda thinking?

Right off the bat, the one with the hole is out of the question. Glad to hear vents are not needed, so the unsightly vented one is out too. The smooth ones are the best alternative from the aesthetic standpoint. Hopefully the're not the most expensive. :roll: Let the pics do the talking.

Enjoy your weekend gentlemen.
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Hey JC,
sorry about the pics but I can't find a way of putting larger pics then these, I also find them too small and we can't see the details to much.
Picture wise we was doing better on the other board , but I kinda like this board better.
I get a lot more info out of it.
Howdy, Can some one tell me how the right side cover (sitting on the bike) from Directline fits? Does the top fit evenly under the plastic frame cover? Thanks, Ed
I also have the RuneSki side covers and i couldn't be happier with them. Which ever ones you choose, they simply made the bike better!
the Direct Line ones fit fine on the right side. the hole in the cover where the oil cap is keeps the oil cap from rubbing on the inside of the cover. i have two sets of the Direct Line covers, one for each Rune. They fit fine..........
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