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Need some Vegas -> Seattle route help

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I'm playing with my mapping software trying to figure out what the best route to take from Vegas to Seattle is. Maps & Streets 2004 and my Delphi GPS want me to go one specific the middle of nowhere. I am going to be hauling my Rune in my trailer with an Avalanche that only has 6,000 miles on it. I wouldn't expect any breakdown, but you never know. Here are my options:

1. 1104 miles. Shortest mileage. Take 93 up through Eastern Nevada and hook up with I-84 in Idaho. This is the shortest mileage, but the drive is probably all two-lane and in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

2. 1143 miles. Head up 95 towards Reno, head through Oregon and hit I-5 south of Portland. Again, shorter mileage but in the middle of nowhere on two-lane roads.

3. 1334 miles. Head into CA. I-15 to 58 at Barstow to 99 in Bakersfield, eventually hook up with I-5 in Stockton. This isn't too bad, mostly 4-lane interstate except for some two-lane outside of Bakersifled. Don't know how bad I-5 is gonna be.

4. 1242.6 miles. Swing out towards Salt Lake City on I-15. Grab the 84 and take it all the way to the 82 around Kennewick, WA. Take the 82 up to the 90...

Anyways, I think the only real alternatives are #3 and #4. It seems weird to swing out all the way to Salt Lake, but going that was is all interstate. I'm not going to the scenery, I just gotta get to Seattle in the shortest amount of time, relatively safely and with hotel rooms readily available. #3 through CA. isn't bad, but I don't know about the I-5 traffic.

Any suggestions?
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I used to travel to vegas on business, I loved the road between Vegas and Reno, its less traveled and quite peacefull. From Reno head up to lakeview and on to Lapine, again a great low volume road and it's also flatter than going over to Susanville and then up 97.
LaPine is just south of Bend on 97, and you can go due north on 97 allthe way north.
Or you can bore yourself to death and hit I5 as soon as possible and participate in road rage I 5 style ( done that - been there )
I think you'l like the run due north better than going thru Salt Lake, I've tried that route too! way to long and to much truck traffic.
Enjoy your trip :)
Here's an idea

take US 95 north to I-80 west to SR 20 to I-5. You won't see much difference between 95, 395 and I-5 north. 95 is a nice straight road with little traffic and you get to look at the Sierra Nevada's for most of the way. I-80 is a good interstate and SR 20 is a nice ride, good road and lots to see. I-5 will take you past Mt. Shasta by some other big volcano's to Seattle.

Hope this helps.
I loved the road between Vegas and Reno, its less traveled and quite peacefull.
Are there plenty of places to stop and eat and get gas? Isn't that all two-lane all the way to Reno? I am going to be towing the bike and don't want any problems.
It's been a couple of years since I traveled that route but there are a few towns bigger than a bread box where you can stop and fuel up!
I had to get out the map to refresh my memory and here it goes.
North from Vegas to Fallon - east to I 80 to 395 - 395 north to Alturas -
Alturus to Lakeview - Lakeview to LaPine and 97 - north on 97 to Biggs Junction - cross over the Columbia at Biggs and north to Toppenish to I 82
I 82 to I 90 - I 90 runs right into bueatiful downtown Seattle :lol: :lol:
You'll love the peace and quite of the back hiways. Just enough places to stop for gas and food and light traffic most of the way. And yes there mostly all two lane roads but you can only drive in one lane at a time anyway, unless you're sleeping!!! The only strech that I cant personally vouch for is from Bend to Biggs, but I sure it's just fine as we have real nice roads here in Ore-gone :wink:
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