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F6c/ Rune

I had a Rune while in Switzerland for almost 4years, and loved it. I a now awaiting for my Brand New black cherry Rune !
I strongly believe my F6c was fare more confortable that the BMW R1200C I am currently riding, even if this bike is great a very agile and as ABS braking system.
In a months from mow, I will be able to tell you the diffrence between the 2 Walks generation.
BTW , after extensive investigation, I decided to buy a new one from an authorized dealer for $19 990. From other I could have had $ 19 500, or even $19 000, but I favored the safe opportunity to have a board menber providing the tip from a known dealer, and following the crating & expedition for me with the localy...after all some attention before a long and lonely trip in a cold black box, is worth $490
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