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I've also gone from a Valkyrie (7 years) to a Rune. IMHO the Rune is a par with a standard Valk for comfort if not a little better. I would say through that it suits people of a slightly smaller stature than does the Valkyrie
A lot of people would say you need to get an aftermarket seat (eg Corbin) for distance work, but I don't find it too bad. I did a trip around Europe on mine last year (4000 miles -some days 450 miles) and I was as happy on it as my Standard Valk over the same distance. So in others words if you had to change your Valk seat then you'd have to do it on your Rune.
Sounds like you're getting free aftermarket seats anyway.
If you hunt around a Rune can be had now for a tad under $20,000 and that's a lot of bike for the Money.
If you liked your Valk you're gonna LOVE the Rune.
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