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New pointy cap and other pivot arm covers

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If you are interested in theese caps let me know we only made a limited quanity these pics are before chrome

This pivot arm cover is diehard eddie's

This pivot arm cover is Hog slayer's

This pivot arm cover is Doug's
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pointy caps

I just wanted to let you know that I made the pointy caps to match the same style as our grip ends.
Hi Tom:

This is Debi, not JT. But Christmas is coming and I am looking to get my husband all sorts of stuff for his Rune. Can you please email me a list of the items you have made and pictures would be great also. Looks like you are making a lot of items, and everyone is very happy with them. Thanks, Debi

[email protected]
Me Too?

Debi, I would like to be included on your Christmas list.
x mas list

Hey Debi, I'd like to make THAT list too.

Hey guys, I have enough on my list with Tom making such awesome parts.

Tom, I would like to order the caps and the swing arm covers. We have the master/reservior covers with a skull on it, a knife through the skulls head, and it says "the last person who touched it". I tried to take some pictures of them, but the chrome from all over the bike, won't allow me to get a clear picture. I think we bought them from you though. Could you duplicate this skull on the swing arm pivot cover ? and the knock off ? (not the wording, just the photo of the skull). Please let me know.

Oh and what do you think about a chrome skull / barb wire theme paint job on the black rune ? Thanks for all the information. Debi
yes we can

Debi I could duplicate the scull onto the knock off and the pivot arm covers or what everelse you want in on. You need to tell me wich knock off you want. I think that paint job would look great. Thanks
pics of caps after chrome

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