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New prices, how low will they go?

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Honda in Canton, GA (NW of Atlanta) has a CBC Rune with spec 47 wheels with a tag listing the bike on sale at $20,999.00. That's $3,000 less than what I paid in August 2003 for the same exact bike.

How low will the price for a new Rune go? Since mine is not for sale, therefor pricing is not a major concern for me. But it would be nice to know that it was holding it's value. Maybe this downward trend will level off when most of the last new bikes are eventually sold.
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I'm pretty sure the dealer pays Honda $19,999 for them. So I don't suppose they're keen to go too close, or even below that figure. However I have seen some dealers let them go for a loss just to get them off their books. This often happens between dealers allowing the second dealer to sell the bike on at a reduced price and still make some money.
Priced to sell!!

I bought mine 2 days ago for 19,000. he went to that price without me haggleing him AT ALL.
Sorry, but just trying to state the facts.
I had a VTX 1800 Retro that I traded in, and I loved that, but this thing is just awesome.
What a Total package, just a dream to drive and look at.
Rune Pricing

I am just about to negotiate a deal on a new red Rune with the set back bars and chrome wheels. What is the best price you think I should be able to negotiate? Also, the one you got fo 19,999, did that have chrome wheels and/or extended warranty?


Lar :?:
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