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I have just imported a Black Rune into the UK . I love it! Accidently stumbled into a Harley Gathering on my first trip out yesterday (apparently they meet in the parking area of a shop that sell bike gear). I felt like a condom despenser in a convent school. I am sure they were impressed, even if only for the fact that the starter motor on the Rune actually turned the engine over, but only a few were brave enough to come over and have a look....... :lol:
Spent some time looking for a forum. The search engines kept sending me to the defunct MSN forum....just so you know.

I have ordered a Memphis shades screen kit, but need some help as to what screen to specify. Fat or slim and what size? Any help or advice would be great, as I have to order it in the US and have it shipped.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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