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New Runes Being Made - Honda Homecoming Update!

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Hey Guys! I'm at the Honda Homecoming and just took a tour of the Plant. While wandering through this incredible facility, what do you think we saw? Yep, tanks and fenders for the Rune. Several of us asked questions to find out if there were '05 production in the works and company officials wouldn't answer. But, it wasn't until we asked some of the workers in the plant did we get our answer. From what we've heard...Honda is continuing to manufacture on an order basis, when needed by dealers during 2005. My take on this is that the Rune is still way limited and since there are still 2004's on showroom floors, the few they make this year will not hurt our "limited status". One final note: So far we've met several Rune from Texas actually has 27,000 miles on his Rune. Heck I thought my 11,000 was a big number!
I'll keep you updated! John
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Here's another update for Friday - Honda Homecoming!

Hey RedValk!
We're keeping the research coming....From Honda Homecoming.
RuneSki, Gene, Rune 33 and Danny Hyde and I all talked to the same guys today (engine engineer and rune body design people-pictures to be posted soon) and here's the actual numbers. Rune production went 200 weeks at 15 bikes a week = 3,000 bikes. Production for now is at 3 per week, when ordered, and next week there is no production scheduled. So we will see Runes produced on an ordered basis for the rest of the year. And I'll repeat myself...since there are still Runes on dealers floors any new orders will probably be light. We've got a great machine...and yes, it will be limited forever! There's not that many bikes that can say there's less than 4,000 in the world. We've had a great time this week! We've had Runes from New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Canada and Ohio together! Wait until you see the pictures.
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