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New Runes Being Made - Honda Homecoming!

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Hey Guys! I'm at the Honda Homecoming and just took a tour of the Plant. While wandering through this incredible facility, what do you think we saw? Yep, tanks and fenders for the Rune. Several of us asked questions to find out if there were '05 production in the works and company officials wouldn't answer. But, it wasn't until we asked some of the workers in the plant did we get our answer. From what we've heard...Honda is continuing to manufacture on an order basis, when needed by dealers during 2005. My take on this is that the Rune is still way limited and since there are still 2004's on showroom floors, the few they make this year will not hurt our "limited status". One final note: So far we've met several Rune from Texas actually has 27,000 miles on his Rune. Heck I thought my 11,000 was a big number!
I'll keep you updated! John
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ok...i have to respond to this....before any of the 'i told you so types' say....i told you so. Here's my take:

1. I've had to order replacement radiator pieces for my Rune(s) twice. Others have had to get replacement tanks and fenders. for all i know, without knowing more details, these tanks and fenders could be just spare parts. Nothing more. For all i know

2. Interesting that plant officials either know nothing (which is highly likely)..or...also highly likely, are under orders not to tell you anything. yet, the lowly worker knows all and can tell you. Yea, right. My guess on this one, the lowly worker wants to look like he or she is important...and knows something NO ONE else at the plant they tell you some 'spooge'. That's my take on that. bottom line, just like ALL THE TIMES AND YEARS IN THE PAST...not many if any would know anything at all...and the VERY FEW WHO DID...would be under strict orders to say nothing...least they be fired. That's my take on that....

3. I can believe you could possibly still be able to get an 04...repeat an 04...made if a dealer ordered one. that i could believe. But with all the 04s sitting around at dealers...some dealers still have two sitting around...i doubt there are many...if any orders. that's my take on that.

4. I agree with only the one statement, that no matter what, the bike will still be somewhat limited.

there you have it. Still have seen and heard ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING to change my mind. Those of us who have been to that plant many times before....talked with insiders at Honda numerous times (like Charlie Keller)...and played this game for years know the bottom line is....and i quote "Honda will tell NO ONE....NOTHING....until September bike announcements". No one at the plant can or will tell you anything (again, they'd be fired. So if someone tells you something, you can be pretty sure they really don't know anything...but want to seem important). If ANYONE could really tell you ANYTIHNG....then those reps and those highest in the company would have come right out and said something right up front.

I'm still waiting for CREDIBLE evidence that they will make an 05. So far, there still is NO such evidence. Didn't want anyone to think i was waffling on my take :wink:

As soon as i hear/see the REAL evidence that is credible, i'll eat my crow. i like mine done medium well 8)
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New Update Rune Production After More Employees Talk To!

Hey RedValk!
We're keeping the research coming....From Honda Homecoming.
RuneSki, Gene, Rune 33 and Danny Hyde and I all talked to the same guys today (engine engineer and rune body design people-pictures to be posted soon) and here's the actual numbers. Rune production went 200 weeks at 15 bikes a week = 3,000 bikes. Production for now is at 3 per week, when ordered, and next week there is no production scheduled. So we will see Runes produced on an ordered basis for the rest of the year. And I'll repeat myself...since there are still Runes on dealers floors any new orders will probably be light. We've got a great machine...and yes, it will be limited forever! There's not that many bikes that can say there's less than 4,000 in the world. We've had a great time this week! We've had Runes from New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Canada and Ohio together! Wait until you see the pictures.
I am among the majority enjoying a satifaction that our Runes are, and remain, a Limited Production Model.

RadRuneRider if what you you’ve been told, in fact is so, then I remind everyone of the prediction MARUNE a/k/a/ Dave made six or eight months ago. Dave, based on his VIN LIST computations, arrived at an estimated projected 3,500 units.

I have know idea how he came to this conclusion, but if what you believe comes to pass I’m going to ask MARUNE to pick my next lottery number.
Is my math skills lacking? 200 weeks???? that's nearly four years.
The prototype hasn't been around that long :shock:
Damn...Math Wrong/Typed Wrong ! I'm an idiot

I meant to say 200 days....hehe...
It's been such a great time at Homecoming, and I was excited to report to you guys about what was going on here. Thanks for correcting me. I can't believe I did that....
Hey SiteData!

Hey SiteData! I'm in agreement...
When has a manufacturer ever had that small of a production run of anything? These guys at Honda are amazing. Our Rune is truely one of the finest, limited edition, production motorcycles on the Planet. And from all indications, from the info that we've learned, it'll stay that way. When are you getting back to my neck of the woods again? Quaker Steak is having another one of the their big blowouts with a bike giveaway in November.

Good memory ... the production guess was about 4 month ago. The VIN numbers I have been adding to the list are still fill-ins, so the production run of 3500 / 3750 remains.

I have been waiting for NY to call and tell me I won the lottery ... now I find out you have to buy tickets ... I knew there was a catch.
never ending runes

that's why our Honda dealer told us that there was plenty of runes left ,but in order for him to get more ,he has to sell the ones he has on the floor first, then he can get more. he just received 3 runes in last week .red, black, blue
My dealer sold 5 Runes so far...

4 in the area, 1 was shipped , so they have done quite well with them.

I had the first, I know the guy who bought the second, but have yet to see any of the others on the road. The dealer has 2 more on the floor, black and blue, and not concerned about selling them, they are a pretty big outfit with a lot of repeat customers, and this area is bike nuts anyway so maybe that helps.

It had been quite awhile since I'd been back and was just recently in the shop, and was talking to the owner and I was frankly amazed (and clueless) he sold that many. I know the owner well, and he has an enthusiasm for the Runes, so that obviously carries over to the Rune's sale numbers at his dealership.

The dealership went nuts over the small mods I have done, especially the knock-off. :)
not to change the subject but

if you were to purchase a set of our caps I think your dealer, and you would say that's just what the rune needs because it really makes the rune look great because you can not see a bolt or a nut on the bike and the chrome blends perfect ......... sharp I am telling you. it looks really have nothing to lose. :oops: if you buy these caps and you don't like them I will be more than happy to give you your money back . And I am happy to say we do not have one un happy customer..
Moto, get the Caps, you won’t be sending them back.
Smarter than the average bear

Hold on! ............... Waite a Minute!

I just reread Toms’ post. He said “if you buy these caps and you don't like them I will be more than happy to give you your money back.” Tom said nothing about being required to return the caps.

So…………………..I’ve changed my mind, Tom give me my money back!
my first unhappy guy

if you are telling me that you are not happy with your caps, then yes I will give you your money back because I truly believe these cap are # 1 and if you went through the trouble to put them on and you don't like them I will give you your money back .Chuck if you don't like them your check will be in the mail......chuck please tell me your jokeing because i have all ready spent your money ha ha
Can I get Chucks money back

I don't have the caps, like them but don't want the whole set, but if Chuck likes his but says he wants his money back, just send the money to me and then I'll buy the caps.
Tom, I guess I’m not up to my usual excellent wit.

If you read the above posts I would hope you would see my attempt at humor.
You said if someone didn’t like the Caps you would return the purchase price. You didn’t say the Caps had to be returned.
(Here is the funny part)------------- I was pretending I wanted my money back and keep the Caps to boot.

For the record I absolutely love my Caps. I wouldn’t return them for double my money back.

Now if I’m going to have this much trouble with you I’ll be forced to go back to making poor old New Jersey RunSki’s life miserable.

P.S. Don’t give Steven my money, he already has more money than God!
Dear God...

Please ask Steve (or Chuck) to send me money so I can buy caps for the Rune. :lol:
Look Tom don’t fall for Motos’ line.

Steven has lots of money but when God needed financing for Disney World He went to MotoZilla.
Well, there's a fine line between 'limited production' and 'low production'. Sadly, the Rune is just LOW production. If there was demand for 5,000 bikes, they'd be around already. The initial 'limited' number was 1,500 worldwide, so how do you explain some 3,000+ already built? As we all know the market is already saturated, so the good news is there might not be much more demand for them, but that's because they didn't sell.

Honda will sure make them over the years if they're ordered. The Rune is like a racing program; it's an investment in the 'brand', and most likely not profitable all by itself, but lures people to the brand. They never said it'd only be built in '04. They only said '1,500', and there are 3,000 already. Draw your own conclusions. How about '05 Rune being printed on crate covers? Start preparing your 'statement' RedValk :lol:

Finally, I'll buy an '05 whether there're 10,000 or 1,000 made; there's no other cruiser I like. I think it was a mistake to make more than the market can absorb (and more than the 'limited' production number of 1,500) because it made it look like a failure with the press. It also affected resale prices, but most intelligent people didn't buy it as an investment... except that 'turd' guy, that is.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend gentlemen.
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I don't share

MotoZilla, I don't share money I have or money I try to Wiesel out of a poor unsuspecting machine shop guy. So get your own money and buy those caps.

I think Tom will sell caps one at a time if you don't want the whole set, that's what I'm thinking. I had the caliper's chromed and got the bots chromed at the same time so they are finished, but there are a couple of bolts that need finishing. As soon as I figure out which one I need I'll call Tom.
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