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OK, i need to start who is going to the Hoot?

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We'll see!

Yeah, I'd love to go, but the logistics need some thought. I'll get back to ya.
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I have family in AShville and have been thinking of going up for a few days myself, would love to see other Rune's and talk shop, maybe run the Hylands trail down to Georgia or run up the BlueRidge...Would like to run Wed-Fri if anyone is interested..

Dave :D
The Hoot

I still plan on being there. I had toe surgery 2 weeks ago and its not healing like the Doc said it would :cry: , so I can't put on shoes yet. Even if I have to fly in I'm going to make it, just won't ride.
Honda Hoot

Roger about Knoxville, but plan to hang out with family and just do a day visit or two. Would try to link up if you or others decide to meet there..

Dave :D
I will be there Tuesday through Saturday. Would love to get a group to ride together one of those days. :D
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