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One last question: rear or forward bars??

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Sorry for my 'questioning' :oops: , but I'm buying blindly guys.
Again, using my Valkyrie (standard) or GL1800 as examples, which bars on the Rune put me in the same riding position? I think the rear sets, but want to make sure.
Thanks again for your help.
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Rear Bars

Most likely the rear set bars unless you have really long arms of 35" or more. :idea:
Yeah, it really depends on how tall you are. I'm 6'4, so the forward bars are right for me. I would think that < 5'9" or so and the rear bars are the best. But, ya never know. The swap to either set is pretty easy and doesn't cost a lot of money in comparison to the bike cost...
My bike came with the forward bars and I was like a little kid sitting on a big bike...... switched to the rear bars and it's a whole lot better. At 5' 8" clearly the pull back bars are the way to go.

Any one needing a set of forward bars, and the shorter front brake line, let me know.


I'm 6'1". I have a 35" arm. (the other one is the same length too). I have the rear sets. I too had a Valkyrie back in 1998, so I"m familiar with how you sit on it. I like sitting up a little more and the rear sets are just fine. You would have a pretty good reach if you didn't get the rear sets.

Rearsets that it. Just wanted to make sure. I'm 5'10", 32/33" sleeve, 30" inseam; sorry about the omission.
My future Rune will be black, pullback bars, spec 47wheels.
Thank you very much again for your great input.
I have ridden with both and definitely advise the pull backs if you are under 6' tall.

If everyone is recommending rear set bars to the person(s) in question. He has choosen Black as color: Oh me! Maybe it's a typo and he meant Black Cherry then alls fine but if he has confidently choosen Black he then needs are help (desperately) You can see every bug,smudge,smear,wet spot and all kinds of goo (Yuck) and not too mention less money if ever should he want to re-sell! (Ouch) The hours spent polishing Black would be more well spent Riding your BLACK Cherry.............I hope you get a choice at your dealership preference. Good luck! Ron :biker: Note the little guy on the bike has rear set bars and it's Black Cherry-some people on this board new the icon to select for our future conversations..........................
Handle bars - forward versus rear

First, I wanted to say welcome to the RUNE group and welcome as a TEXAN. Possibly we can hook up. MapQuest says from El Paso to Big Sandy is about 11 hours and 13 minutes for a distance of 746.74 miles. That would be a decent ride, especiall when I have not ventured into that type of riding........yet!

I wanted to say that I have the Black RUNE and yes, bugs and other items are noticeable, but come on. Black is where it is at! I am sure every other color is fantastic and most likely are cleaned down every time a ride is completed, so for keeping it clean, it would be the same no matter what the color....unless some RUNE riders like riding dirty bikes??? :-0

I also am about 5' 11'' with an inseam of about 31" and arm sleeve length of 34/35 (although I could increase that another inch) and have the front bars. I like that feel because it is really a cruiser feel verses a sit up gold wing ride. Now I had a '83 wing and enjoyed that a lot. I guess it is all based on the type of riding you want to do. I would like to see what the rear bars feel like though because I had a VTX 1300 and put on some riser adaptors that brought the bars back and down a bit and I enjoyed that fit. If anyone is riding through the BIG SANDY area with rear bars, give be a shout as I would love to see how that feel.

Does anyone know the cost of replacing the front with the rear type handle bars and what it would take? Do any lines need replacing?

FrankStec (soon to be renamed)
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Hey Strake,

Can you send me some other pictures of your bike. I wanted to check out the rear handle bars and the shield. By the way, do you have a windvest 16 x 16?

PM me....or post

Frank (ETXRune)
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