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OT: Sitedata

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Hey Chuck- I hope you're enjoyin' this February weather as much as I am. I couldn't help but notice the picture of lovely young Lady attached to your Postings. I searched the "Swimsuit Issue" for her and couldn't find an I.D.??....and seeing your offense, I know she couldn't be swimmin' in the 'Sitedata" gene pool. So who is she?
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She is my nurse.

As for our South Florida Winter Weather, it-kind-of makes one wonder, why would anyone live in New Jersey on purpose, unless they’re in some witness protection program.
I've been feelin' a little "under the weather" lately. If you're feelin' better, would you mind??....I could use a little "Nursin'"?....Maybe she lives down my way?
Is her name Gretta :?: :?: :wink:
Rich K ( Rune Ski )

He- he- he !!

Chuck - now it´s the time to give the true story about the picture ! - You´ve been evasive twice now ! (prior to this a granddatghter two years senior to you, now a Rune Rider having a nurse) - you simply have the record now ! That must bee enough for now - give us the truth !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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